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Hoover Dam

A report on the Hoover Dam. Includes pictures, timeline, the costs and more!

Carson Jackalone

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam
The Costs
The cost of the Hoover Dam was 49 million (hundreds of millions today.) Also it was millions below budget back then.
How It Generates Electricity
The process is called hydroelectric energy production and it depends upon moving water to generate electricity. It is not the dam, but the water held behind the dam and the generators inside the dam that are the active parts of the process. There are 19 generators inside the dam. These feed an adjustable amount of water into and then away from the turbines used to power the generators.

The turbines have blades which act like simple water wheels to catch the motion of the water and, in doing so, make the shaft that they are attached to rotate.

The rotating shaft is connected to a series of electromagnets called the rotor which is located inside a group of copper coils called the stator. The rotor moves inside the stationary stator.

At the end of the shaft is the exciter. This is a small generator which activates the electromagnets of the rotor. The moving magnetic field made by the rotor interacts with the copper coils in the stator to generate the electricity.
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoover_Dam)Dec.10-12, 2013

(http://www.slideshare.net/Lengkengs/hoover-dam-and-the-negative-effects-on-environment-4204612)Dec.11. 2013
Positives and Negatives the way the Hoover Dam produces electricity
Lets talk about the negatives first.The ecosystems are getting endangered around it (coyotes, golden eagles, ring tailed cats, ground squirrels, and desert tortoises.) Also it has problems with the water too. There are now many endangered species there. Razorback suckers, Colorado pikeminnow, Humpback chub, and the Bonytail chub are endangered there.
Now the positives. The Hoover Dam provides flood protection.Also they are making water available for agriculture and human needs.
A nice view
of the
Hoover Dam
(1925) "The Party" is about to embark for a trip through Boulder Canyon. They are assessing the potential sites for a dam on the Colorado River. ( 1928) Engineers and politicians view dam site at Black Canyon. (1931) The first blast of the dam construction. Cameras are rolling as the blast goes off.
(1934) Hoover Dam takes shape from the concrete columns in which it was poured.
(1935) View of the Hoover Dam power plants near completion.
(1935) The Hoover Dam is finished
Hoover Dams Bypass and
a great view
The Hoover Dam's generators
By: Carson Jackalone
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