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Timeline of Persia

starting with cyrus the great

Riece is awesome

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of Persia

Beginning of Cyrus the Greats rule. 559 B.C. 550 B.C. 540 B.C. 530 B.C. Cyrus the Great dies 539 B.C. Cyrus's army captures Babylon and allows the Jews to go home. 520 B.C. 521 B.C. Darius is now the king of Persia 510 B.C. Darius reorganized the government to make it work better.
He also divided the empire into 20 "satrapies" Satrapies are like states. Things that Darius did that do not have a date on them: His government paid people to be full time soldiers. 500 B.C. 490 B.C. 480 B.C. 470 B.C. 460 B.C. 450 B.C. 440 B.C. 430 B.C. 420 B.C. 410 B.C. 400 B.C. 390 B.C. 380 B.C. The Athenian army helped the Greeks rebel against the Persians in the Asia-Minor area. 499 B.C. 490 B.C.

The Persians sailed across the ocean to the Greek mainland with 20,000 soldiers.They sailed to Marathon.After waiting for days to attack the Athenians for helping the Asia-Minor Greeks they decided to attack them directly since they weren't going to come out and fight. As soon as they got their their plan failed. The Athenian army attacked them with a sneak attack! There, the Persians were easily defeated. Darius was killed by the Athenians. 486 B.C. 486 B.C.

Xerxes comes to the throne and vowed to get revenge on the Athenians for killing his father. 330 B.C. 370 B.C. 360 B.C. 350 B.C. 340 B.C. 480 B.C.

Xerxes sent 180,000 soldiers and thousands of warships and supply vessels to Greece. All of the Greeks teamed up to help defend their land. The Greeks found out that their army depended on boats that carried food. The general Themistocles planned an attack on the ship. They stalled the Persian army why the Athenian navy attacked the food ships. It took two days of fighting before the ship returned and had defeated the food ship. A Greek traitor told the Persians where a path was that took the around the Greeks. The Persians attacked and the King Leonidas led soldiers to safety... others died fighting. During that fight the Athens assembled 200 ships. the Greek fleet attacked the Persians at a place called Salamis. The Greeks won the battle at Salamis almost destroying all of the Persians who had attacked their. The Persians got to the city of Athens and burned it down. The last Persian king dies.
Alexander the Great takes over all of his lands. 479 B.C.

The Greeks assembled the largest army in the history of the Greeks. They CRUSHED the Persian army at Plataea. After Xerxes and Darius Persian rulers raised taxes to get richer therefore weakening the Persian empire before long the rulers lost all of their land. The sons of the rulers of Persia all fought for the throne. 334 B.C.

Persia gets attacked by Alexander the Great's army. i am AWESOME A TIMELINE OF PERSIA!!! THIS HAS BEEN YET ANOTHER AWESOME PRODUCTION BY RIECE {:-) 449 B.C.
Persia and Athens sign a peace treaty.
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