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Decades: The 1950s

Computer Applications class, Block 2; Presentation about a specific decade in history, including facts about people, style, etc. This such presentation is on the 1950s (1950-1959).

Jordan Barbee

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Decades: The 1950s

Social Changes/Fads/ Behaviors
People were open-minded
Majority lived in suburbs
Described as "restless"
Dancing/Music/Entertainment centered
Less discriminative, more acceptance of all people
Movies (Drive-Ins)
Television (Black & White)
Literature (Comics, Books)

first published- 1950
Tonight Show
, hosted by Steve Allen- 1954
Men's Clothing:
Casual suits & ties
Leather jackets, jeans
Formal vests, cardigans
Women's Clothing
Dresses w/ designs
Blouses, long skirts
Decades: The 1950s
By Jordan Barbee
Harry S. Truman
In office 1946-1953
33rd president of the U.S.
World War II
Dwight D. Eisenhower
In office 1953-1961
34th president of the U.S.
World War I/II
Key Events
Korean War begins 1950
Eisenhower Inaugurated 1953
SEATO Alliance 1954
Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955
Soviets launch Sputnik 1957
NASA formed 1958
Cuban Revolution 1958
New Laws/Legislations
McCarran Internal Security Act 1950
22nd Amendment 1950
Mutual Security Act 1950
Saint Lawrence Seaway Act 1954
Brown v. Board of Education laws 1954
Interstate Highway Act 1956
Civil Rights Act of 1957
National Defense Education Act 1958
Miscellaneous Facts
Disneyland opened in 1955
The vaccine for Polio was developed in 1955
Movie tickets in the 1950s were only $0.48
In 1950, a new house only costed $8,450.00
Black and white broadcasts finally had color
A gallon of gas was only 18 cents
The bikini was developed
Average car cost $1,510.00
The first credit card 1950
Super glue 1951
First video tape recorder 1951
First diet soft drink 1952
Transistor radio 1953
First non-stick pan 1954
First computer hard disk used 1956
"Mistake Out" (White Out) 1956
First Hula Hoop 1958
First Barbie Doll 1959
Period of economic growth
Grew by 37%
Inflation was minimal
Unemployment 4.5%
Rise in consumerism
High production rates, output of products
Minimum wage $0.75 per hour
Famous People
Jackie Robinson
Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe
James Dean
Lucille Ball
Martin Luther King Jr.
Fidel Castro
Rosa Parks
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