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Roller Derby

Health education regarding the sport of roller derby including culture, sport, injury, and skill.

Emily Wuertemberger

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Roller Derby

Roller Derby: The Players
Score the points
Stop the jammer
Call the plays
Injuries: The Common Ones
AC Joint Separation
Broken Coccyx
Torn PCL
Broken Tibia
Broken Fibula
High Ankle Sprain
Broken Ankle
Roller Derby History
Roller derby started in the 1920s as a competitive roller skating race, like a marathon.
Terms you should know
Bout - A derby game.
Jam - The basic unit of play in a bout.

Lead Jammer - The jammer who got out of the pack first without penalty (can call the jam off).
Grand Slam - When the jammer passes all opposing blockers AND the opposing jammer.
Derby Name: Skater's alter ego.
Derby Virgin: - Those who have not seen a derby bout.
Suicides (Seats) - The area immediately around the track where spectators can sit.
WFTDA - Women's Flat Track Derby Association, the governing body of women's roller derby
In the 1940's roller derby was televised. As competing franchises emerged; roller derby added a theatrical choreographed component.
Modern day derby evolved in 2001 in Austin, Texas and divided into two varieties, banked track and flat track roller derby.
98% of roller derby played today is flat track.
Today there are 198 full WFTDA leagues and 98 apprentice leagues. There are 1,483 leagues worldwide.
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