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THERE IS / THERE ARE with Prepositions

ESL prezi - find us on facebook

ESL prezi

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of THERE IS / THERE ARE with Prepositions

There is and There are with Prepositions
We use
‘there is’
when using the singular.
There is
a dog in the park.
There is
a car in the garage.
There is
an apple in the bowl.
We use
‘there are’
when we are using the plural.
There are
three cats in the cup.
There are
lots of socks in the drawer.
There are
some books on the shelf.
Choose 'is' or 'are'.
1. There (is are) a pencil on the book.

2. There (is are) children on the bus.

3. There (is are) a cat next to the dog.

4. There (is are) a ball under the table.

5. There (is are) many trees in the forest.
As you can see the rule is as follows:
We can use this with prepositions
Prepositions help us identify the place of an object.
There is
a pizza
the box.
Can you remember the prepositions?
Here is some new vocabulary. Complete the sentences.
And finally...What can you see?
What can you see?
Where is the mouse?
There is a/an _________. There are _________.
next to
next to
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