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Author's Craft

No description

Jeff Strayer

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Author's Craft

Author's Craft
# 1
Comedy on the page 58 Rodrick Greg's older brother so Rodrick decided that he would spit his gum at some moth's that above so he did but it landed right on the Dad's head.

Authors Craft #2 Journal writing the whole story is shown in journal or kind of private writing.
Authors Craft #3 Pressure on the back of the book it says '' Greg suddenly finds himself dealing with pressure.''
Authors Craft #4 Friendship in the story there is a kid named Rowley Jefferson and him and Greg are best friends and they are starting to break away from each other and they need each other but wont say it.
Authors Craft #5
Real Life Problems
Most the problems in the book we can probably relate to in our lives.
Authors Craft #6 Detailed writing most parts give you a very good idea of what the environment is like.
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