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Social Classes of the 1300-1400's

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on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Social Classes of the 1300-1400's

Social Classes of the 1300-1400's
Casey Rider
How Were They Separated?
Mainly based off of wealth
Regardless of wealth, you were born into nobility or you weren't
Had separations of ladders within ladders (In the cities, for example, there was citizen and non-citizen, guildsman and non-guildsman)
Middle/Lower Classes
Upper Class
Clothes were costly enough and employees (including highly positioned officials) were normally supplied with one dress annually as part of their wage
Serfdom was on its way out because peasants were better at bargaining with landowners because of the labor shortage created by the plague
Classes were brought up into higher rankings by marrying into wealth
As England began recovering from the Black Death the middle class began to emerge
English parliament emerged due to nobles trying to limit royal prerogatives, particularly regarding their property
Literacy was becoming ore common among this social class
King Henry VI refused to acknowledge social status'
Many believe the civil war was caused by his tyranny
For half a decade, England's aristocrats chose sides and slaughtered one another on the battle field
The War of the Roses
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