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VCU Education Abroad 101

No description

Stephanie Tignor

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of VCU Education Abroad 101

Education Abroad
Who are we? Immigration Services English Language Program International Admissions Community Connections What is Education Abroad? study abroad & international exchange = academic (for credit) + international there are 4 types of study abroad programs: VCU Faculty-Led Programs International Student Exchange Program Partnership Exchanges Non-VCU Study Abroad How much does it cost? Scholarships/Financial Aid?! Do I need to know a foreign language?! How far in advance do I need to plan?! Can I get credit?! When can I go? (How soon, how late?) Where can I go? How long can I go for? Can I study abroad more than once? Why should students do this?
What are the benefits? added value to degree looks great on resume to future employers helps get into grad school (think reference letters...) Personal Growth increases
self-confidence increases maturity makes lasting impact on world view Increase in Academic Commitment enhances interest in academic study influences subsequent educational experiences reinforces commitment to foreign language study Intercultural Development helps better understand own cultural values and biases influences students to seek greater diversity of friends influences interactions with people from different cultures Career Development Study Abroad 101
for the VCU University College
Academic Advising staff

what YOU need to know presented by:
Stephanie Davenport,
Director of Education Abroad
Global Education Office yes, we're in the
old Franklin Street Gym... ...but we prefer to use the address
817 W. Franklin Street networking! ignites an interest in a career direction pursued after the experience acquire skill sets that influenced career path increases independence So how does it work? {What are the options available?} {RESOURCES for students}:
1. General Info Sessions (GIS)
2. Individual advising
3. Resource library and website {STEPS for students in a nutshell}:
1. Pick a program, get it approved
2. Apply for program (and $cholar$hip$!)
3. Pre-departure prep (passport, visa, flight, health, safety, insurance, etc.)
4. GO! Study!
5. Return, send transcript to Education Abroad Faculty-led programs:
usually occur in summer
are directed by VCU faculty
involve a GROUP of students
are often hosted by a foreign institution
are typically 4 weeks
are sometimes offered as winter or spring break
offer VCU credit, NOT transfer credit
are great for first-time travelers
offer 3-10 credits
applicants must have at least 2.0 GPA
applications online
deadlines typically in March Non-VCU programs:
are not administered by VCU
offer TRANSFER credit
are often pricey
are very customer-service oriented
are often, but not always all-inclusive
often include excursions
often offer classes that are taught in English
Partnership exchanges:
Students pay VCU tuition to VCU
Pay housing to host institution
Transfer credit
2.75 minimum GPA
Foreign language experience a must
Independent, mature
includes the following institutions: there are programs for all students! ...not to mention, it's in the strategic plan! ISEP:
Network of 300+ universities around the world
Transfer credit
Semester, year-long and summer
MOST AFFORDABLE (full package exchange)
Applicants should have minimum 2.75 GPA
4 semesters of language pre-req
Most independent
Plan at least a semester in advance Some FAQ's:
Financial aid and institutional scholarships travel! We advise students on scholarship applications! Did you know that VCU has a 70% success rate with the Gilman! there are many scholarships and resources available NATIONAL:
Gilman (Pell grant)
Phi Kappa Phi
Fund for Education Abroad INSTITUTIONAL
(VCU Scholarships specifically for study abroad participants):

Education Abroad Office annual scholarship competition
Various departments (ex: Women's Studies, School of Business, School of World Studies, School of the Arts) where are we located? Questions for Stephanie? thank you for your time!
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