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Facilitating the Creation of a Student Identity through an E

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James Brunton

on 11 June 2016

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Transcript of Facilitating the Creation of a Student Identity through an E

Facilitating the Creation of a Student Identity through an Effective Socialisation Programme
Identity-Formation and Identity-Management Processes
Adult Learners managed their identities through two interrelated processes:
management of overarching narratives (acutely relevant during the identity formation process)
engagement in day to day identity management processes.

The degree of success with which a participant managed these processes impacted upon their narratives about whether or not to remain in university, determined the form of the new student identity, and ultimately their overall identity portfolio.
Practical Applications
BEST Programme in DCU
Designing a New Induction Programme
Socialisation in the ODE Context
Challenges of using techniques in a virtual environment
Concentrated in face-to-face Welcome Day and documentation
Lack of physical environment to reinforce
Some persuasion techniques/induction activities are hard to translate
More interference in identity-formation from other contexts

Pre-induction Socialisation VLE Course
Bring socialisation forward as much as possible
Time-strapped nature of ODE students
Practical/technical issues a major problem
Higher educational institutions can reap the potential benefits offered by an effective student socialisation programme if they move away from utilising a ‘sink or swim’ approach to socialisation.

For myself:
More sophisticated methods for facilitating socilsation in ODE context needed
Different methods for facilitating pre-induction socilisation needed
Doctoral Studies
Different fields provided different ways of viewing the same issue - How do people 'manage' having different parts to their lives, to their identity?

Social/Organisational Psychology
e.g. Ashforth, B. (2001)

Work/Family border theory
e.g. Campbell Clark, S. (2000)

Identity Studies
e.g. Cote and Levine (2002)
Combine my doctoral studies with Educational Literature
Best Practice - UU STAR project
Checklist (and every trick in the book)
New Induction Programme
Carry into academic year
Positive impression of institution
Learner focused
Reduce anxiety
Facilitate socialisation with others
Inform learners of rights & responsibilities
Introduce academic & organisational skills
To support transition to HE
= retention & student success
Reduce Entry Shock
Promote positive identity-creation narratives and facilitate learners in their day-to-day identity-management
Introduction to local culture and norms
Exploration of expectations
Physical orientation
Socilisation opportunities (each other, 2nd yr 'mentors', staff)
Rights and responsibilities
Introduction to academic skills
Introduction to behavioural self-management techniques

Peer mentoring
Library tours
Essay writing, exam & study skills workshops
Credit bearing academic support in every first year module-“learning labs”
Specific first year staff support- Level 1 Manager
First year socials
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