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J.F.K's Involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Matthew Bates

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of J.F.K's Involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and The Cuban Missile Crisis

J.F.K's Involvement
In The Bay of Pigs Invasion And The Cuban Missile Crisis The Bay of Pigs was an unsuccessful action performed by a CIA trained group of Cuban Freedom Fighters, in an attempt to over throw Fidel Castro. The invasion took place during April of 1961just about three months after John F. Kennedy was elected at the president of the United States. The invasion lasted a total of three days, before the men of Brigade 2506 were defeated by the Cuban militia. Prior to the invasion the CIA promised the Brigade 2506 that they will supply sixteen B-26 twin engine attack bombers to cover the men for a forty minute bombing raid. Three days before the invasion President Kennedy called the CIA and ordered that they keep the use of planes to a minimum, so only 8 planes were issued for the bombing run. Three days into the Invasion Kennedy declared it a failure. After the third day the men of the 2506 were captured, they were given a public trial and all were sentanced to life imprisonment. But Castro offered America a deal, he would exchange the prisoners for farming machinery. Kennedy jumped at the idea and ordered that all available farming equipment gathered. Castro then decreed that they should also pay 30 million dollars as well, Kennedy abandoned the deal, and the men stayed in prison. The Cuban Missile Crisis took place during the late period of 1962, just over 1 year into John Kennedy's time in office. the Countries involved were the United States of America, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Cuba. The Duration of the Crisis was just over thirteen days. These thirteen days were very long and stressful for President Kennedy, as he was constantly meeting with his advisors and carefully choosing his next step. Most of his political advisors suggested a political confrontation, and his Military advisors were pushing him to order a strike force to invade Cuba and manually take down the Missiles. In the end the final decision fell to Kennedy, he decided to take the political approach, and in the end was triumphant.
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