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Sugar Infographic

No description

Manpreet Mahi

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Sugar Infographic

BIG SUGAR + MOVEMENT START Getting Aware of What's going on into sugar....
.... does it contain the use of slavery? many sugar companies and countries have been
accused for using slavery in the making of sugar. Most likely though in the harvesting part. Hershey, Nestle, and Cozan ltd. one of Brazil's big companies has been accused for using slavery, these are major companies but since no evidence has been found nothing can be done. Sugar IS made by slavery it is made by indentured servants, which they find all around the world. They find poor people and give them hope of getting a new life, but just use it as a way to make them slaves like the rest. From Harvest to... Raw Sugar 1. South America 1. Brazil 2. India 3. China Refining to Processing From Products to... Manufacturers Retailer $$ How are People involved in sugar?? sugar is a major thing and its helping
make companies a whole lot of money. Now who is making these companies this money is US! the process of making sugar is extremely long and by each and every step the sugar goes through the price just gets higher and higher. So since we are at the very end of this chain, we pay the MOST amount of money and nearly half of what we is just extra which some of it goes to the store, the retailer etc. top sugar producer
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