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Jeff and Amber: Our story

No description

Amber Pickering

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Jeff and Amber: Our story

How an Aston Martin
a Hippie Van
Fell in LOVE

October 17, 2010
April 17, 2011
Through the
ups and downs
the couple became Best Friends
March 2, 2012- Hunger Banquet

NOT a date
June 8, 2013
Amber was having a VERY confusing day so Jeff and Amber went for a walk. Jeff helped her work through her thoughts, but little did he know, the cause of most of Amber's stress was him. She had been liking him for the past 6 months, but didn't know how to tell him. He then gave her great advice.
"If you like someone, tell him. If he likes you great, you have a boyfriend. If he doesn't than you can check him off your list and move on to the next million men."
Well, when she said, "I like you." Basically his reply was, "Sorry, your nice, but we would never be."
She did her best to move on.
March 5, 13

Forever, here we come
Jeff &
Amber's Story

It became Official
March 25, 2012
He Began to see the
March 9, 2012- first date
March 24,2012
A Sunday night Church activity
brought the two together.
They talked in a door way
for an hour
about traveling and school.
She knew from that moment that they were perfect for each other.
He thought, "She is super cute and really fun, but I have homework to get to!"
The Hunger Banquet got something stirring in Jeff, so a few days later he called Amber and asked her on a date for some appetizers and some Fro-Yo. He held her finger a little.
At this same time, Emmy
(Jeff's friend who over the year had become friends with Amber) and Jeff had a converstaion where Emmy said,
"Don't you dare break her heart. If something happens, I am choosing Amber."
They had a great time throwing colored chalk at each other, and because of the crowds while they were leaving, Jeff grabbed Amber's hand so she wouldn't get lost. Amber could not resist and kissed him for the first time on the cheek ;)
After another successful date, or 3, Jeff and Amber were sitting in the car one night talking. Jeff finally reached over and held Amber's hand with no ulterior motives. Being so confused Amber said,
"A year ago someone in this car told me to check their name off of the list. Is that check still there?" Jeff's reply was perfect,
"Nope, it's erased."
3 Months later
And the year of
dating continued
Matching Footy Pajamas
Biking with the fam in Idaho!
June 2012
Jeremy and Carrie's
Wedding in California
April 21, 2012
Yellow Stone
August 2012
True Blue-September 2012
Fall leaves
A Summer of Long Distance
Hundreds of Hours on the Phone
May 11, 2012

Jeff said over the phone
"I wish you were here and I miss you."
Amber wanted to say,
"I love you"
But she held it in
Sunday November 11, 2012
The two finally Said
“I Love You”
Jeff's Facebook message
...and 4 days
later Jeff
called Amber's mom for permission to marry her daughter!!!
Amber called Jeff and asked him if he wanted to go the Hunger Banquet with her and some friends. He asked, "Do I need to get the tickets?" She promptly replied, "Nope. I've got mine, you just need to get yours."
Holi Festival #2
And then the dating began. . .
With some complications.
Jeff was off to Idaho to work at the Hospital again and Amber was off to California to lay by the pool
April 2012
For the Next
6 months
The two became Great Friends
Both learned to give in sometimes to make the other happy, but found they were happy too!
International Car Shows
Some things
not so much...
The Proposal
China and the MCAT
After Amber had her hopes dashed to pieces, she went on a study abroad to Nanjing, China to work with babies and master Chinese.
Jeff, in the meantime, Worked in the Emergency room at the local hospital, took Organic Chemistry, Physiology, and studied for the upcoming MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). He didn't really think about Amber, other than he was jealous of her pictures on Facebook.
While in China, Amber put pictures of her friends on her wall and one of them was a picture of Jeff. When the other girls would talk about boys she would talk of the boy that rejected her.
But she would smile because she still liked him.
Then, in January 2012, Amber and Jeff went to Thai food together. Jeff was just interested in the Thai food and Amber's travels. He had too many other things to worry about at the time(o-chem& the MCAT), and did NOT want to add a girl to the mix.

Amber, also enjoyed herself during the dinner. They had great talks and a good time, but when it was all said and done, she was FINALLY over him and ready to move on.
But they weren't apart the whole time. . .
Mary Poppins
June 2012
It got 40 comments and 35 likes
On Amber's favorite day, 3-13-13 (she likes the number3), Jeff shocked her and got down on one knee and pulled out a Ring-Pop during a night time picnic under the stars.

It took her a minute to stop saying "No", "No, you're not", "What are you doing?", or "Jeff, are you really doing what i think you're doing?" long enough for Jeff to get in:

"Amber, will you marry me?"
After much deliberation, she said, "Of Course"
He's still waiting for a "Yes"
Spokane, Washington
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