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Using Web 2.0 to Collaborate and Create


Scott Hall

on 13 May 2009

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Transcript of Using Web 2.0 to Collaborate and Create

Used for:
editing poems
list of things to do
make document to share
making up songs and sharing for help
story writing
share pictures
collaborate with teacher Computers in the Clouds Using Web 2.0 to promote cooperation and collaboration Web 2.0 Computers in the clouds How can it change what we do? Social Networking Sites Video / Picture Sharing Sites Blogs Podcasts Mash-ups Active 2 Way Street Create and Collaborate Web 2.0 refers to a preceived second generation of web development and design that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. It has lead to web-based communities of hosted services and applications such as: Wikipedia says... Create Mold Reform Communicate Cloud Computing What is Web2.0? What did we do? YouTube iTunes Buzz Word Cloud computing is Internet (”cloud”) based development and use of computer technology (”computing”). It is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualised resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure “in the cloud” that supports them. DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE AND Ability to run software and save documents remotely Downsides = Access and Ownership Are you already thinking about how this applies to education? Web 2.0 gives everyone a voice Collaboration Benefits Points to consider Remote Desktop reduced cost increased storage highly automated flexible mobile ever expanding cloud performs function traditionally requiring licenses, installation and maintenance of software Web Browser email word processing presentations collaboration tools media editting Rely on the Internet Google Apps Docs Calendar Mail Google points out on their website:

Documents are stored online. School do not have to invest in servers with large storage capacity to store student documents.

Students can collaborate in real-time. Documents can be shared and edited between students.

Access to the documents is controlled.

Existing documents can be uploaded into the new Google Docs accounts.

Each document has a revision history

It is integrated with e-mail. PYP Exhibition False Start Start Realized it must be from the ground up

Talked to some teachers who may be interested

PYP Exhibition was a perfect candidate - They had problems to solve

Most already had there own accounts

Presented the idea of Wiki Wikis Wikipedia says... files Google Docs for document creation, collaboration, publishing

The five core values that project based learning can foster are:
inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection.

Google documents makes collaboration and presentation much easier than with standard computer models.

To simple it was hard

Purchased bladins.nu and bladins.org

Signed up for Google Sites Education

Have blank site, 3 user names

Pilot use of just internet, as opposed to server based system school uses

MAC Machines - Dell 12" as tests Collaboration Docs Mail Talk "fun, allows for creativity" online word

don't worry about emailing, where docs are saved or rewriting = all can write on it.

faster to send and share with group members and teachers

tells who edited it last, you know who did the work
easy to see who needs to still contribute

could chat and share information when working from home

good for docs you need to access fast Problems?
making presentations

took long time to figure out - couldn't find different tools

comments instead of change work

word doc difficult to edit all the time

would like to be shown all features, upload etc Google points out on their website how Google Documents can benefit schools. The google website says:

"Students, teachers and staff can share ideas more quickly and get things done more effectively when they have access to the same powerful communication and sharing
tools. Google Apps Education Edition lets tech administrators provide email, sharable online calendars, instant messaging tools and even a dedicated website to faculty, students and staff for free. There's no hardware or software to install or maintain, since everything is delivered through a standard web browser -- anytime,
from anyplace."
Wiki in the inquiry classroom supports the beginning, middle, or end Start a conversation that continues in class then extends to wiki and back again Start with the same doc and make it your own Peer review Way to reflect on same topic, make comments to each other Increase accountability in group work Assemble knowledge - Freinet Pedogogy Share links - build resources together Foreign language learning Extend the classroom Add classes as needed Get professional work to change Future for Bladins Find use for .org site Develop place for Blogs and Calendars The idea of "cloud computing" as seen at Bladins This is the new text
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