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The Seven Ancient Wonders

No description

Dom L

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of The Seven Ancient Wonders

The Seven Ancient Wonders

The Seven Ancient Wonders is a tale of how "the Nine" fight against all odds to stop evil from prevailing. Comrades are lost, trust is betrayed as Captain Jack West and his team fight the huge forces of the Americans and Europeans. Led by Lily, the Oracle's child, this story depicts an epic race against time.
About the Author
Matthew Reilly is an Australian action thriller writer. His novels are known to be fast paced with intense action and twisting plots. Captain Jack West Jr features in both "The Six Sacred Stones" and "the Five Greatest Warriors". He has sold over 4 million copies of his books worldwide in over 20 languages with Scarecrow being the biggest-selling fiction title in Australia in 2011.
Captain Jack "Huntsman" West Jr
Seven Ancient Wonders is a perfect book for teens who love fast-paced action novels.
Captain Jack West Junior is the main character in The Seven Ancient Wonders. Both West's mother and father encouraged him to join the army and so, he enlisted in the Australian Army. He attained the rank of Captain and was immediately fast-tracked to the SAS. At the same time, his desire to learn archeology led to the Australian Army allowing him to attend university at Trinity College in Dublin. Jack made his name at Operation Desert Storm where he single-handedly blew up communication towers, completed dangerous missions behind enemy lines serving under Marshall Judah, his future foe. Jack was left for dead by Judah at a Scud base in Basra, but despite all odds, escaped through over 300 soldiers.
The Capstone
Around 4,500 years ago, the capstone upon the summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza absorbed the energy released by the Tartarus Rotation and saved the earth from major flooding and catastrophic weather. This capstone was later divided up by Alexander the Great, with one piece hidden within each of the seven wonders other than the Pyramid. When the seven pieces are placed on top of the Pyramid, during another solar event, they can bring 1,000 years of peace or power for the nation which possesses them.
The nine figures raced through the crocodile-infested swamp on foot, moving fast, staying low.
The odds were stacked against them.
Their rivals numbered in excess of 200 men.
They had only nine.
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