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Stark County GIS Goals

No description

Brian Hall

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Stark County GIS Goals

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
2013 Accomplishments 2014 Goals
Stark County GIS Planning and Goals
GIS Department Goals
GIS centric web applications
Mobile mapping
Critical 360
Tax map office
Scanning historical documents
Additional team members
Staff training
What can Alan do?
2014 and beyond...
GIS Centric Web Applications
Mobile Mapping
Mobile applications are the future for all field personnel
The ability to view, evaluate, and enter data in the field is the key to the value of this technology
In a real time environment, posting this work back to a database for QC and automated entry into the CAMA system will increase productivity for the entire office
Additionally, the ability to track the progress of work through an executive dashboard will provide status updates and project management control
In 2013, the focus will be the testing of this technology and associated workflows
Critical 360 Completion
Grant finalizes in September 2013
All schools have been collected except the new and remodeled buildings in the Northwest School District
These will be collected over Christmas break 2012
Distribution of the collected information to law enforcement officials has begun
Distributed via POL through the "safety group" profile
Distribution to school personnel will begin after all schools have been collected - Q1 2013
Additional (geo-fencing) security will be established for this deployment group
A new application will be designed for this data and client base
Additional Team Members
GIS tax map office (CAD/GIS maintenance level)
Ost is soon to retire a need for someone to begin learning the knowledge he has will be very important
A combination of CAD and GIS will be a requirement for the successful candidate
GIS Specialist
Growing the GIS department to service other offices and departments throughout Stark County an additional team member at this level may be necessary (would be later in the year)
Staff Training
Without question training will be the key to accomplishing all the goals of the GIS department
ESRI instructor-led training will be the focus
These are online courses we pay for once but get multiple team members trained utilizing the IT training room
Budgeting for the year can be achieved by purchasing credits and using them throughout the year - no need to do a PO for each individual class
Providing this training and investing in the team members will build their moral and reinforce their loyalty to the department
Training for non-GIS specific requests will be considered as well
The GIS department will also be responsible for providing training on all applications they deploy
This will be done in a training class environment as well as through help documentation or video demonstrations
ESRI User Conference July 8-12
We have 5 complementary registrations
Great opportunity to get good training and direct access to key ESRI personnel
Web based applications are the best way to share our data - this ensures our most current data for all users
A web based menu will provide a centralized location for these applications
Applications will be accessible to the appropriate group via log on credentials.
Initial focus on internal applications that provide users the data they need in an easy-to-use customized application
Through needs-analysis and current workflow evaluation these applications will provide an instant benefit to the users
One stop shop for GIS data resources without using several applications (POL, GotoMap, AccuGlobe, etc.)
Simple editing functions are also a possibility with these applications (no need for additional ESRI licensing to provide this option)
Application ideas:
Goto map rebuild
Automated frontage calculation tool
CAUV recoupment report
Weights and measures
Neighborhood analysis
Crime mapping
Addressing maintenance
Sanitary sewer
The final step for the Critical 360 Grant is to rewrite the Budget Narrative section to redistribute the remaining allocation of funds
Gather a team to help with the writing of this as their input for this will be invaluable to me as I have struggled with getting completely up to speed with all that was proposed for the remaining funding
The remaining amount $109,846.95
Recommend we include updates to desktop hardware for certain individuals with this money
Internal training for application development can be included
Grant Modification
Scanning Historical Documents
To date we have accomplished a number of milestones in the scanning of our historical documents
Survey files
10,214 large format - AA Blueprint
21,002 small format - AA Blueprint
House number books
1247 pages - AA Blueprint
House number maps
1297 maps - AA Blueprint
Wrap this up in 2013 by
Scan deed reference (8"x5") index cards (AA Blueprint has a quote of $44,480.00 to complete)
Scan deed reference (5"x3") index cards (AA Blueprint has a quote of $17,144.00 to complete)
Finish quality checking survey files that were missed (Terry)
Keep up with the maintenance of daily work (Terry)
Once complete, this is a valuable resource for the public to access via a web interface
What can Alan do?
Promote GIS technology in order to build your legacy
GIS is a marketable technology
Crosses jurisdiction boundaries
Politically it makes sense
Regularly scheduled meetings with the management team
To ensure lines of communication for projects and other concerns are open and understood
Monthly or bi-monthly is all that would be necessary
Consider having them at an off-site location to ensure the proper focus can be achieved
Encourage other departments to share data with GIS where mapping projects are considered
This may be accomplished by a standardized sharing agreement
Application Approach
2014 and Beyond...
Update our traditional orthophotography
I propose we consider seeking funding from the Engineer to complete an orthophotography project that is held to an engineering standard
In addition, we should consider an update to our Lidar data that will increase accuracy of our DEM (Digital Elevation Model)
This will benefit future aerial data collection ie. Pictometry
The last flight we completed to collect this data was 2003 in black and white
We can use the OSIP Cooporative Purchase Agreement (CPA) to complete this eliminating the need for an RFP process
Woolpert is the vendor per OSIP agreement
Take over the WORLD...(per Joe Guzi)
Thank you for your time today! Questions?
GIS Tax Map Office
Implement new GATE process
This has been in testing since October and will go live in January 2013
This implementation will move the GIS maintenance group to the latest ESRI release (10.1)
Enhanced editing procedures will help increase productivity
Versioning of the GIS database will be modified increasing the speed of the system
The 24-hour workflow will be proposed
Finish the rebuild of parcel lines in CAD
Completion dependent upon SCP
Utilize more GIS tools to streamline their process
Frontage calculation tool
24 Hour Work Flow Proposal
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