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#1.5 Music in the Movies

No description

Lauren Silverman

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of #1.5 Music in the Movies

Music in the Movies
Music in the movies occurs in 2-3 different formats
Diegetic Music
Diegetic Music
Diegetic music is what is referred to as "source music"
Examples of
Non-Diegetic Music
From the following examples what does music do for the following sequences emotionally and for foreshadowing the story
Non-Diegetic Music
Non-Diegetic music is there to shape a viewer's expectations as to what will occur within the film. It serves as foreshadowing, may be emotional, unrealistic, or even fantastical
Examples of
Diegetic Music
From the diegetic music in the following scenes, what can you tell me about characters, social class, and function of the music?
Clip #1: Psycho
Clip #2: Star Wars
Non-Diegetic Music
It exists within the world of the film
Characters within the film can HEAR the music
Clip #1
Clip #2
Non-diegetic music is also known as underscoring
without music
with music
How does the music directly affect the scene? Discuss instruments, tempo, key/tonality, etc.
Double-duty music: Serves as both source and underscoring music simultaneously
The Godfather: Baptism Murders
Example #3
Example #1
Example #2: cue to 1:00
Example #4
ambi-diegetic music
Some scenes can start as one type of music and shift to another, like this scene from "Blazing Saddles"
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