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Invisible Childern

No description

Dakota Jackson

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Invisible Childern

Double click anywhere & add an idea The children in Uganda are going through a lot of stuggles everyday for food and water just to stay alive. Many children dont have parents to take care of them or feed them. Normally the oldest of the kids has to take care of the younger ones. He looks so mad! These are the kind of kids that they take and turn visiously mean. The war people attacked Sudan and are making the civilians that live there flee there homes just in hopes of living. In 2009 they attacked Sudan 3 times in just one month. Kids go through this everyday. This older boy in the picture is probably going to be mad to kill his family and people that he loves. These men are going to make this little boy so mad about everything in life all he knows will be killing! They tend to take these boys between the ages of 4 and 11 because they're less hassel to deal with and they listen and wont rebell against the men that take them from their homes. A news person said that " There are reports that a group of 22 LRA-abducted children around age ten were released to missionaries in DRC." This means a little more hope for Ugandan kids that are being unducted everyday. This is what the men are turning these little boys into. There making these little boys killers. This little boy isn't over the age 11 and he has an automatic gun. The men make these boys go and kidnap more kids and killing other civilians.
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