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Noam Chomsky: Innate Language Faculty

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jayde fisher

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Noam Chomsky: Innate Language Faculty

The Debate The Faculty of Language
includes sensory-motor system, a conceptual-intentional system, and the computational mechanisms for recursion, providing the capacity to generate an infinite range of expressions from a finite set of elements. Behaviorist believes a child acquires language by first mimicking the language of other people, which then is reinforced by the positive or negative response they receive from the environment around them.
Innatists believe that learners possess an inbuilt language acquisition device. therefore, they act as theory builders, testing their theories against the language overheard or used every day. Innate Language
Faculty Children (even with IQ of 50) can acquire language.

Children acquire language effortlessly.
Children acquire language in relatively short period of time.

Language is a complex system.

A child does not have to be formally taught to acquire language. Children discover the system of language from an unsystematic and small amount of data

Language acquisition involves very little imitation, if any.

Reinforcement = correction and reward: very
little role in acquisition.

Language acquisition is an active process

Children say things that they have never heard
from adults. Infants are born with Language Acquisition Device (LAD).

Exposure to language is all that is needed
for a child to discover the system of language.

Exposure is critical as evidenced from cases of children in isolation. Summary of Contributions Influence on Teaching Language Faculty of Language in a Broad Sense (FLB): Faculty of Language in a Narrow Sense (FLN): only includes recursion and is the only uniquely human component of the faculty of language.
FLN may have evolved for reasons other than language, hence comparative studies might look for evidence of such computations outside of the domain of communication (for example, number, navigation, and social relations). Opportunities speak and express their own thoughts and knowledge
Brainstorming ideas
Variety of opportunities for children to engage in and practice authentic verbal communications
Be encouraged to continue with their natural desire to learn and process knowledge

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