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Monomouth Arts Social Media Case Study

No description

Monmouth Arts

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Monomouth Arts Social Media Case Study

But first, a friendly disclaimer...
On Borrowed Time
Fact #1
Courtney Perez, Cassie Galasetti,
Jill Merriman & Alycia Yerves
Follow Them!
About the marketing team:


September 14, 2013 - October 13, 2013
By Paul Osborn
Directed by Joel Grey
Two River Theater has an accomplished staff
of full-time professionals,
Fact #2
Achieving their robust level of social
engagement requires time, talent & $
Fact #3
You CAN learn from the pros! The trick is to
start with a foundation and build from there
Start with a plan:
Think about the story you want to tell...

In social media, YOU are made up of
visual presence
your voice
your content
Who is Two River Theater?
Who is the YOU you want them to see?
How does TRTC "introduce" themselves?
Pull Art into Life by
Are there themes & connections you can make between the event or organization you are promoting and life for your viewers? What will make them nod their heads
Making Connections
Make it Sticky!
Personal Connections
Real-Life Events: One way
to bring your art into life
How else can you connect?
Staff/volunteer photos, stories and behind-the scenes experiences
Other news media and stories out there
that support what you are trying to say
Saying "thank you" and
that you & understand
your fans
HuffPo: "Ten Theater Companies
That Made My 2012"

#Instatour cited as example of creativity in nonprofit arts in NJ,
in G.R.Dodge "ten best" list

Received “Theatre of the Year” awards from the NJ Theatre Alliance in 2006, & from The Star-Ledger in both '06 & '08.

(Hold that thought... we're going to return to it!)
Got your plan? Good!
Now write it down!

* Organize it onto your calendar

* Some parts can and SHOULD be spontaneous

* Start with what you know, and be aware of conversations & interesting items swirling around out there to fill in the rest (news, other media, in your office) that are shareable

* Your calendar can be simple or technical... a big paper calendar or white board to synched digital options like Outlook and Google. Use what works for YOU.

* Plan to retranslate information to be most effective for each platform. Think of different ways to repeat yourself without repeating yourself!

Email (collecting
and sending)
Where to Begin...

* Remember that in facebook, algorithm is
key to pushing your content to more feeds...


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