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Persuasive Techniques

No description

Mary Steinbrenner

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Techniques

Scarcity What is it?
The product that business is selling is limited edition; therefore, customers will be more willing to buy it just for the sake of having it Authority Prior Commitment
(foot-in-the-door technique) What is it?
Gives the person back the behavior they have given the business (buy one, I'll give you one for free) Reciprocation Persuasive Techniques Situation:
A new business is selling bungee cords, and they want people to buy their product. However, not many people are willing to purchase a bungee cord that has never been tested before. What are some persuasive techniques the business should consider to try to get people to buy their product? Mary Steinbrenner
2B What is it?
If an expert in the business' field says to buy the product, customers will be more willing to buy it What is it?
The customer is more willing to buy a product if they are already committed to it

Freedman and Fraser (1966)
Went door to door asking if people would display a "Drive Carefully" sign in their yard, only 17% consented
If person had previously agreed to display a "Be a Safe Driver" window sign, 76% of these people would consent to later displaying the "Drive Carefully" yard sign Liking What is it?
If a celebrity that the customer likes endorses the business' product, that customer will be more willing to buy that product Consensus What is it?
Information that gives the impression that everyone has the product or likes/approves of it or that a majority of the expert's in the field of the product approves of it Physical Attractiveness What is it?
Customers are more willing to buy a product from a seller or model who is physically attractive Similarity What is it?
Customers are more willing to buy a product if the person advertising the product is similar to them Why would authority be a good technique for the bungee cord business to use?
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