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Fashion show Producer

No description

Raela Frazier

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Fashion show Producer

8.2 Prezi
Raela Frazier

Fashion Show producer
Duties and Responsibilities
Plan, manage, execute, schedule and budget fashion shows both the business and entertainment side.
Opportunies for Advancment
Having successful shows
Coordinating with popular designers
Networking and exposure
Education,Skills and Qualifications
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Fashion
Skills: Networking, social media, organization, punctuation and communication skills
Qualifications: experience in event planning and public relations
Additional training
Knowledge about trends, forecasting and fashion shows. Experience with events involving fashion companies.
To become fully prepared one would need to research and attend many fashions shows, not as an audience member but as one of the crew to truly understand the "behind the scenes" of the whole business
My Success in this Career
I am not much of a planner when it come to planning things in advance, but when it would come to an event, I become sharp as a tack. I love to make the best out a plan and make sure that everything goes smoothly.
Working Conditions
The working conditions of the career would be in office coordinating and scheduling the event as well as behing stage making sure the show goes to plan.
Advantages/Disadvantages of the working Condition
You could be in great office with a nice view, while you plan the event, as well as see everything come together from backstage.
Sitting in office can be a little boring and stressful, and being behind the stage doesn't allow you to see what the audience is seeing.
Getting Hired
Organizations that Hired Fashion show Producers include New York Fashion Week, Los angeles Fashion week and etc.
These Organizations are great for networking because they are so popular!
Example Employer
One employer I think would be really great to work for is Victoria's Secret. They have a Fashion show every year and it is one of the most popular fashion shows aired on television.
Career Path
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