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California Gold Rush

No description

Stephannia Morris

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush
1849 gold rush
How to find gold
How to find gold 2
Gold Rush
Don't get the gold with your hand pick it up with a tweezers.
Did you know that after the gold rush Nevada discovered sliver!
By Yeajoo Sung
1. you get a bowl and put dirt
2. put some water and shake it back and forth.
3. pour the water out carefully and repeat it
4. If you have rocks take them out.
5. when all the matiral
is gone and there is only dark sand shake it off and you will find gold
Many miner dream to be rich. They lived in cabin but not tents African American
people came to the gold rush too. also asian did too. Some became
rich and Some didn't.
1848 gold in Feather river
1848 gold in Trinity river
1850 gold in old hill in grass valley
1859 54 pound gold founded Magalia
1854 195 pound gold found at Carson hill
Gold rush lego funny
Many people died in the gold rush. Some people were mistreated. The gold rush is in San Francisco,CA. most of the miners were men there were no women in the gold rush.
Gold was first found in California by James W. Marshall. Many people came to California to find gold. The miners who mined for gold were called the 49ers.They used bowls, pickaxes, shovels, and food supplies. Some miners quit
and went home.
How gold rush effect us ?
There were less people in California
then after the gold rush the were more people in CA and became popular. There were Boom towns and camps.
Thank you for look at my Prezi Want to know more lo in the library.
1.What supplies did they use ?
2. What were the miners called ?
3. What was the first step of how to find gold ?
4. What should you pick the gold up with ?
5. Why did people want to find gold ?
6. What happened in 1859 ?
7. Where was the gold rush ?
8. Who was the first man to find gold?
9.What did the miners live in ?
10. When was the 195 pound gold found?
1. Pickaxe, bowls, food, shovel
2. 49er
3. put dirt in the bowl
5.to be rich
6. 54 pound gold found
7. James w. marshall
8. Cabin
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