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Types of Writing

No description

Darcy Osheim

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Types of Writing

Types of Writing
* Fiction
*Casual information
Types of fictional Writing
*Video games

Can you think of others?
Purpose of fictional writing
* to impart a moral (fables or parable)

* to draw attention to a problem in society
* to entertain
* to sell
*to teach
* Biography
Purpose of biography
* to tell a personal narrative of someone else or the authors (auto)
*tell the full or partial history of a person or group
*to inform
* Non-Fiction
Purpose of non-fiction
* to tell a true and accurate narrative
This is accomplished through
* Research
* First world experience (when available)
* Fact-checking
* Creative non-fiction
* Combination of fiction and non-fiction
* fictional or semi-fictional stories set within historically accurate settings
Construction of a fictional narrative
Classic Freytag Pyramid
What are some well known examples of this pyramid?
* Formal information
*academic books
*scholarly articles
*legal documents
*government documents
*informative blogs. vlogs or podcasts
* Most news programs
*scholarly articles
*blind studies
*double blind studies
*repeatable studies
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