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This Is Our Story, What's Yours ?

No description

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of This Is Our Story, What's Yours ?

Table of contents

Sports : The story behind the players....

Students life : Our students.

Teachers : Our Leaders.

Ads : Their story.

Clubs : Our Connections

Closing page : " This is not the end of Our story ....

This is not where the story ends ...
We chose this theme because it reflects all the kids in the school. It shows how the kids are still in continuation in writing there story. Showing there journey through out there school year.
This Is Our Story, What's Yours?

We wanted to show how students write their story from begin till they graduate and how many of our teachers inspired us to achieve our goals

Divider Page: The Story behind the players ....
In life there's winning and there is loosing. Both will happen and its all right. What isn't alright is quitting, so never give up .
We want to start every page like an old story book. showing and incorporating our theme that we are writing our story,
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