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Genesis: 12-25

No description

Matt Streiff

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Genesis: 12-25

Genesis: 12-25
The Story of Abram

Abram lives with his father and wife, Sarai, in northern Mesopotamia
God makes deal with Abram promising his descendants greatness in return for faith
Abram moves to Canaan with Sarai and his nephew, Lot
Canaan is the land promised to Abram's descendents by god
After a few years, Abram goes to Egypt and becomes wealthy
Abram helps defeat a marauding army at Sodom, near Canaan and where Lot is living
The king of Sodom recognizes Abram's deed and gifts him bread and wine
Abram returns home and rends his covenant with god more official through a ceremony
Sarai cannot become pregnant but wants to give Abram an heir, so she mandates one of her servants to give Abram a son
Soon after, Abram's first son, Ishmael, is born
God changes Abram's name to Abraham and Sarai's name to Sarah
Some years later, God appears to Abraham and tell him that he will smite the cities of Gomorrah because of the corruption
Abraham convinces Lot to flee the city, which he does right before God destroys them
God tells Sarah that she will give birth to a son from Abraham, at which she laughs for she is 90 years old at that point
Yet Abraham has faith and in a little bit, Isaac is born
Around a decade later, Abraham is told to kill his son as an affirmation to his faith
Just when Abraham is bringing down the sword, god stops him
God is impressed with Abraham's faith and reconfirms his covenant with him
Historical Recital
Covenant made between God and Abram
God makes deal with Abram promising his descendants greatness, in return for faith
Abram agrees to this
beginning of pact between ruler and people.
City of Sodom and Gomorrah
God wants to destroy Abraham stops him
Extensive will power/faith
Abraham willing to sacrifice Isaac but one of gods angels stops him- God testing him
Name Change Abram and Sarai
Abram wants to have a child, Sarai not fertile
Sleeps with maiden Hagar and has Ishmael
God says Sarai will have a child named Isaac
God renames him Abraham meaning "father of many."
That he gave man freedom , and rules. That man then broke those rules and was punished
Much different from beginning of Genesis
Not a bunch of smaller stories put together
Shows the first covenant between God and Man
God keeps rewarding Abraham due to the fact that he is not using human reasoning but believe in god (Faith in god)
He does not always communicate with Abraham directly (three messengers)
Three very important examples

The renaming of Abram and Sarai. (Abraham and Sarah)
The custom of circumcision.
The fiery pot at God and Abram's second encounter
Relation to Other Myth
Many greek myths
Achilles' mother
Deal with one of the Gods
Achilles will be invulnerable if she dips him in the river Styx
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