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High School

No description

Will Stiffler

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of High School

What are my high school goals?
Have a high GPA average
Learn 2 languages
Play a sport at a varsity level
Expand my interaction with multiple socioeconomic classes
Focus on my studies of math and science
Get over-prepared for college
Collect experiences that will last a lifetime
Why Durham Academy will help me achieve my goals better than Cedar Ridge

More students from upper-class families
Minority enrollment 30%, putting DA in the top third among peer independent schools for diversity.
1,183 students total, 400 in upper-school
Rotating 8-block schedule (Like D.S.)
More students from working-class families
Minority enrollment is 30%, lower than state average (48%)
1,200 students
4-Block, 2 semester schedule
D.A. is a college preparatory school, and prepares their students for rigorous academics
C.R. is a public school, and prepares students as required by state law.
At D.A. I can take AP courses as well as mandarin AND the field trips will allow me to put my expertise of nature and the environment into play in a school environment
It's much more difficult to keep friends at C.R.
I have my 2 best friends at D.A. already, and I found the population more welcoming overall then at C.R.
At D.A. I will be surrounded by people with extreme academic commitment
D.A. will prepare me much better for college
I can get experience from two different levels of society in only 4 years, which would give me a huge advantage in life.
Mr. Hark, the head of D.A.'s high school, agreed that the main issue in my situation was cost, and since he likes me as a student, and relates to me on a personal level (same parental situation), he agreed to talk to my parents personally about cost.
I'm willing to transfer from my current school to one where I will be more challenged academically
I will have a smooth transition into D.A. since I have finished all of my math courses with the exception of calculus
61% of teachers have 10+ years experience
Lenovo thinkpad's as assigned laptop
17:1 student-teacher ratio (state aveage-15:1)
Teachers have an average 20+ years experience
Apple air's as assigned laptops
66% of teachers hold advanced degrees
Lower School science teacher Lyn Streck was named the 2008 NC Conservation Education Teacher of the Year for involving students, faculty and parents in a variety of environmental efforts.
Upper School history teacher Mike Spatola was recognized by the Stanford Teacher Tribute Initiative in 2011 and received a 2012 Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Chicago
25 AP courses
Division 3A lacrosse team
Division 4A lacrosse team
No cut-off
Play better teams (Cardinal Gibbons, Ravenscroft)
Equality in avalibility of boy/girls sports
I'll start wrestling
$20.780 a year for two years, full price
Financial Aid available
The head of D.A. upper school, Mr. Hark offered to personally talk about my tuition cost
Interview with head of upper school
Financial Aid
Accomplished all of the requirements set for me
Filled out all of the application
Almost completed the financial aid form
Can take AP courses, which allow me to pursue the maths and sciences
Can take mandarin
ALL D.A. upper-school field trips will be focused on the nature and the environment
Can stay after school to work on projects
Have to take IB, which focuses on the humanities
Have to take spanish, mandarin not available
No fights
Students leave bags outside of classes while they get lunch since they know that it will not be stolen
6 reported fights this year, none of the students yet expelled
Students rarely use lockers because there is a high possibility their belongings will be stolen
Already had headphones, jeans, laptop charger, and wallet stolen from me
My best friend at D.S. and my current best friend attend D.A.
Have met many students through D.A. conventions as well as when touring
3 DS alumni
Harder to keep up with friends at C.R. due to large student body and lack of interaction outside of classes
Open, award-winning campus
40 acres
Variety of rooms and spaces for teaching and eating
Several spirit weeks
All field-trips are nature-based
At no point during the day can I go outside
Restrained to a 30x25 room for 1.5 hours four times a day
Have to stay in the building during the 1-hour lunch period
I was a DA "Lifer," meaning I went to Durham Academy from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The education that I received at DA was excellent. Upon graduation, I was well-prepared to succeed academically at a top national university and later at a highly ranked graduate business school. Today, I run a successful non profit that I founded. My success in life is do in large part to the education that I received at DA during my formative years. Having an education from DA opens doors to the elite universities in the United States. If your academic goals include going to an Ivy league university or at worst attending a top 100 university, then Durham Academy is the right school for your children.
I am a 9th grade student here coming from 9 past years at Chapel Hill Carrboro Public Schools. Durham Academy has been an absolute dream come true. The staff, administration and students are the most kind, compassionate, thoughtful people. The teachers and headmasters find each child's passion and help them achieve this. Every child is recognized for what makes them special. The academics are incredible and the teachers truly want you to do your absolute best and will do what ever they can to help you achieve this. In recent years Durham Academy has made tremendous effort to make the student body very diverse and make every student feel welcome. I honestly believe there is not a better school in existence than Durham Academy and I am so grateful that I am able to attend here.
Alumni's Reviews (via greatschools.org)
*I would be more than happy to help find and organize documents needed for financial aid
I have
Varsity Lacrosse, Club Fencing, and a 4.5625 GPA are all ways I have done all I can to get in to D.A.
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