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katherinne leon

on 31 October 2014

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Good afternoon, we are going to presentate about an Italian Brand called:
Dolce & Gabanna
This is us, from left to right: Michelle Hoefnagels, Urihayra Brokke, Silvana Nouwen
1. Company
2. History
3. Core Business
4. Products
5. Location
6. Marketing Strategy
7. Logo & Slogan
8. Promotion Strategy
9. Commercial
10. Competitors
11. Successful Company?
12. Dream Job
13. Ending / Questions
Dolce and Gabanna is an Italian luxury industry fashion house. Founded in 1985 when Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabanna united their lastnames to become a luxury brand.

The Dolce & Gabbana brand was created in 1985 and has grown to become one of the top luxury goods groups in the world. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana first met in Milan in 1980 when working as assistances in an atelier. Dolce, who studied fashion design and worked for his family’s small clothing factory, grew up in a small sicilian village while Gabbana, a trained graphic designer, grew up in Milan. They went into business two years later. The first collection was launched in 1986 and the spirit of their work is Jean Paul Gaultier.
Core Business
A brand is a symbol that distinguishes
a product made by one firm from
the others.
Dolce & Gabbana company’s brand
is a luxury brand that means
an expensive, status symbol brand.

D&G target market includes people from 15 to 25, who are innovators,
trendsetters and everyone who
enjoys freedom and irony in fashion.
Their main targets are:
Being mostly captioned by the Female segmentation with a higher % of sales.


From clothing to footwear Dolce & Gabanna offers a high range of products
South America
Dolce&Gabbana group consists of 2392
employees, 2 production italian
facilities, 83 stores and 11 factory
outlets. The international market
operations are conducted by
the New York and
Tokyo subsidiaries.

Marketing Strategy

Dolce & Gabbana company adopt a multiple
brands policy to reach every business
niche with a particular marketing strategy.

It owns two brands:

D&G: D&G brand is irony.
Is a fashion label inspired
by the street contemporary music for a no-
conventional personal style.
It means freedom
The brand Dolce&Gabbana is the dream.
Its incomparable appeal is due to superior
sartorial content and stylistic originality.
It is a timeless style that combines innovation
with mediterranean flavour.

Logo & Slogan:
Dolce: Domenico Dolce
Gabanna: Steffano Gabanna

By uniting their last names, Domenico and Steffano made a brand out of a meaningfully pasion for fasion.

The colours used for their brands GOLD,WHITE and BLACK, transmits sophistication, glamour, formality.

The stretching of a brand consists of
produce different kind of goods with the
same logo.
This strategy is realized with the licensing
that means give a formal authorization to
an outside supplier for using their name
and image.
There are a lot of examples of products
realized in this way:

Advertising is an attempt to get the right message to the right people at the right time.
To consolidate their leadership it is important to have an intensive advertising campaign through television, cinema’s spot, magazines, internet (www.dolcegabbana.it), mobile.
- originality
- big impact
- revolution

The strategy used by Dolce and Gabanna is,
Endorsement :
They use Sexy Italian Football players
They design clothing for rock stars !!!
They design clothing for actresses
Here we will play two different comercials for Dolce & Gabanna

- What does these comercial transmit to you if you were the consumer???

Italian textile industry is suffering from
low cost chinese goods based on low
cost of labour and increasing production
skills. Manufacturers feel threatened
by chinese competition, whereas brand
owners feel that the chinese market is
an opportunity. The principle threat of
chinese competition for D&G is the imitation.

Successful Company / Dream Job
Dolce & Gabanna is for sure a successful company earning a profit of 750.000 Euro's a year. And growing as in business size and inovation size.
Would Dolce & Gabanna be a dream Job?
It all depends on what type of work you would like to practice in the future.

Uri: I would be interested to take part in the marketing events, but I would also like to be part of the logistic and e-commerce events since D&G has a very high range of reaching customers trough the internet.

Michelle : I would be interested in marketing and management and travel allot for D&G. To market the product and stay up to date with the trendiest marketing tactics.

Silvana: I would like to work for any international company, if I end up at D&G it would be a dream come true. I would like to be in contact with the customers (c&r) and keep up to date with the highest trends.
Stephano Gabanna
Domenico Dolce
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