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Steam Engine Prezentation

No description

Shakylah M.

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Steam Engine Prezentation

Steam Engine: The Invention Steam Engine: The Invention Steam Engine: The Invention When? Where? James Watt-Steam Engine Inventor Who ? In 1765 was when Watt invented the almighty steam engine. In the universty of Glasgow was were James created his invention. Without the steam engine many other things wouldn't be possible. The Wright brothers wouldn't have flown their airplane. We might have even been without engines in our boats. The steam engine helped many other industries like the shipping industry cause it made
cargo ships and it helps transportation by helping the train to go faster and not use coal. James Watt wanted to make trains faster & stronger. He wanted them to run without using coal. So one night while he was sleeping he had a dream that a train could go very fast. Later that day he made a blue print for the steam engine. The Story Behind The Steam Engine "Science owes more to the steam engine than the steam engine owes to science."
- Lawrence Joseph Henderson First the steam expands under pressure. The steam can be condensed at a lower temperature. Performance that is best is when at a low condenser temperature and high boiler pressure. It might go through the high heater and over heat it. Then it goes through some pipes. Next it travels through the nozzle and then goes through a series of blades. Finally made into energy by steam. Steam engines were invented to help raise coal from the mines.
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