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The First Inter-Party Government 1948-51

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Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 19 November 2017

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Transcript of The First Inter-Party Government 1948-51

Defeat for De Valera
In 1948 De Valera and Fianna Fail were defeated in the general election.
They had been in government for 16 years.
Work of the Inter Party Government
The Inter Party governement introduced changes or reforms to the country.
The First Inter Party Government
The First Inter-Party Government 1948-51
Neutral Ireland
Work of the Inter Party Government
After the success of the campaign against TB, Browne proposed a mother and child scheme.
He planned to give free medical health to mothers and to children under 16.
This was opposed by the Catholic Church adn by doctors. Browne had to resign.
The Inter Party Government collapsed soon after this but it had begun a process to modernise Ireland.
Emergency Powers Act
The Emergency
Dangers to neutrality
De Valera was defeated because -
People now wanted a change of government - Fianna Fail had been in government since 1932.
Shortages continued after the war, so did unemployment and emigration. De Valera and his government were blamed for these.
The 1948 general election did not result in a clear victory for any party.
Instead a number of different parties had to join forces to form a government.
This was how the First Inter Party Government was formed.
It was a coalition government made up of three main parties - Fine Gael, Labour and Clann na Poblachta.
The Taoiseach was John A Costello.
Influential ministers included Sean Mac Bride, Minister for External Affairs and Noel Browne Minister for Health.
In 1949 the government declared Ireland a
. As a result, Ireland left the British Commonwealth.
The government encouraged the
growth of industry.
It set up the Industrial Development Authority IDA to attract foreign industry.
Marshall Aid
money from America was used to build houses and
A scheme of
rural electrification
provided houses in the countryside with electricity.
Dr Noel Browne worked hard to improve
public health.
He ordered a campaign against
Ireland in the 1950's
Fianna Fail and Inter Party governments ruled Ireland in the 1950's.
These governments failed to cope with high unemployment and high emigration.
While other European countries experienced boom in the 1950's in Ireland fewer people were working and emigration increased.
Changes were needed in the way the country was run.
In 1959 de Valera resigned as leader of Fianna Fail and as Taoiseach.
He was elected President of Ireland and served for fourteen years.
Sean Lemass succeeded him as leader of Fianna Fail and as Taoiseach.
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