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Wisdom Staff Kudos 1

No description

Deara Okonkwo

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Wisdom Staff Kudos 1

Wisdom Staff Kudos 1
We are off to a fantastic start for our 2013 - 2014 School Year!

Kudos to everyone for your teamwork and dedication!

Highlights from the first 2 weeks of school:

Vote for Miss Gomez for People Magazine's Teacher of the Year! http://specials.people.com/teacherofyear/
Vote for Wisdom every for 4 days on Give with Target! https://givewith.target.com/
Classroom Environment
Establishing a
transformational learning climate
begins with an EXEMPLARY Classroom Environment.

In Mrs. Croddy's 5th Grade, she created a Parts of the Plant diagram to help students identify the academic vocabulary.

Ms. Bronder has a visual daily schedule on her board. Great advanced organizer for all learners.
Classroom Culture
Classroom Culture is the KEY to student learning
. Studies have shown that students in a positive learning climate outperform their counterparts.

Students have an interactive expectations board in Mrs. Davenport's class (pictured on the right).
Students are making the school mission comprehensible.
Rigor of Instruction
When students are
in learning, they achieve!

Academic rigor is critical for preparing our students to become competitive scholars in the 21st century.
Grade-Level Collaboration
Grade level collaboration is critical to ensuring that we are a

2nd graders are learning to abbreviate proper nouns. In both Miss Mathis's and Ms. Aparicio's class students are reviewing the concept of abbreviation.
Next Steps
We are on the Road to Success at WAYS!

Let's continue working cooperatively to achieve our mission!

As we enter our 3rd week of school, please continue to post graded student work with rubrics.
August 14 - 23 2013
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