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Transformational Leadership

No description

Sam Matheson

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Transformational Leadership

By: Cassie Erhardt, & Sam Matheson Transformational Leadership What is it? Leadership Quiz -Transformational leadership describes someone who is inspirational as a leader and encourages others to achieve above and beyond performance accomplishments -They are people who take control of the situation by producing a clear vision of the group’s goals, a noticeable passion for the work, and an ability to make the rest of the group feel recharged and energized Examples Idealized Influence (II) - the leader serves as an ideal role model for followers; the leader "walks the talk," and is admired for this.

Inspirational Motivation (IM) - Transformational leaders have the ability to inspire and motivate followers. Combined these first two I's are what constitute the transformational leader's charisma

Individualized Consideration (IC) - Transformational leaders demonstrate genuine concern for the needs and feelings of followers. This personal attention to each follower is a key element in bringing out their very best efforts.

Intellectual Stimulation (IS) - the leader challenges followers to be innovative and creative. A common misunderstanding is that transformational leaders are "soft," but the truth is that they constantly challenge followers to higher levels of performance. The 4 Components to Transformational Leadership Pros Go to Google and type in: -They also use charisma and similar qualities to ensure positive environments and shift people and organizational systems into a higher performance objective Sources Cherry, Kendra. "About.com Psycology ." Transformational Leadership. N.p.. Web. 10 Jan 2013. <http://psychology.about.com/od/leadership/a/transformational.htm>.

Dienhart, John. Ethical Leadership. Print. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60O2OH7mHys.January 2013

Morrison, Mike. "Rapidbi." Eight traits of successful transformational leaders. N.p.. Web. 10 Jan 2013. <http://rapidbi.com/eight-traits-of-transformational-leaders/>.

Riggio, Ronald E. "Psycology Today." Cutting-Edge Leadership. N.p.. Web. 10 Jan 2013. <http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/200903/are-you-transformational-leader>.

Travis, Eryn. "The Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership." eHow. N.p.. Web. 11 Jan 2013. <http://www.ehow.co.uk/info_7749368_disadvantages-transformational-leadership.html>.

Zellman, Malinda. "The Advantages of Transformational Leadership Style." Chron. N.p.. Web. 11 Jan 2013. <http://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-transformational-leadership-style-18809.html>. (Dienhart, 351) -Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and inspire change in their followers (Cherry) Sometimes referred to as the 4 I's (Riggio) 1. Identify themselves as change agents
2. Take responsibility for change
3. Courageous risk takers
4. Believe in, and trust people
5. Have clear values, and are value-driven
6. Are lifelong learners
7. Can deal with complexity, and uncertainty
8. Are visionaries, and share their vision Traits (Morrison) Cons -Corporate learning -Lower employee and customer turnover costs -New Initiatives -Exceptional people skill -Assumes follower motivation -Time consuming -Depends on the individual -Lacks application details (Zellman) (Travis) Transformational leadership quiz then click on the 4th one down. Follow the instructions listed above the small quiz and at the end click "calculate my total" Scroll down slightly more then to find out exactly how good your leadership skills are! What a Transformational Leader is...... What a Transformational Leader isn't.....
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