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Why I love the New Evolution Diet

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Rose Herczeg

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Why I love the New Evolution Diet

Benefits of the
New Evolution Diet I have no cravings for sugar and carbs
*No carbs = no hunger pains My body composition is changing
but the scale stays the same!
*I can see muscles where there once was fat
*My pants fit looser and I no longer feel like hiding behind my sweat pants I feel stronger!
*I can lift heavy things with ease
*Moving about is a pleasure
*Can beat my kids at arm wrestling :) No more boring cardio!
*I can spend 30 minutes in the gym
and be done for the day while others are
still sweating on the treadmill I have no set schedule for workouts or meals
*I eat when I am hungry and I work out when
I feel like it! I feel smarter!
*Reading more about evolutionary
fitness makes me learn how to take
care of my body and health
*Being a part of the EF forum has
enriched my life
*Knowledge is power I don't have to count calories!
'Nuff said! Fasting is SIMPLE
*I don't think about 'designated' times to eat
*I love the extra time I have, less dishes to do
*Fasting through one meal, twice a week = extra hours of not thinking about food! I spend less time thinking about food
*More time thinking about things that
are more important to me. We know different! Prof. Art De Vany made all this possible!
I appreciate his outstanding work in the fields of science, nutrition, & fitness
He has brains and brawn
AND... he has Wonder Woman! NED principles
Eat meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs
Spice it up!
Fruit in moderation
Eat a few nuts once in a while
Fast intermittently
Lift heavy weights twice a week
Walk and sprint now and then
PLAY or just DO NOTHING often! Thanks for watching! by Rose Herczeg
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