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Ideal Classroom

5th Grade Math

john nally

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Ideal Classroom

Welcome students! Math Corner Educational Technology Carpet Desks The math corner contains manipulatives and math games. It provides a hands on approach to math that contrasts with the math technology and online math instuction. Intel Classmate PC-Convertible Multiplication Table Carpet Group Table Pairs Provides each students with a sense of security and storage for their belongings. By incorporating a theme I hope that my students will take pride in maintaining the appearance of the class. Interactive Smart Board Class Environment I like comng to class because I have a place to keep all my stuff. I have cubby number 3 with the green Ipod. I really enjoy the sunlight from the windows. The plants in our classroom can grow and the whole room seems to glow! I think our walls are cool because blue is much nicer. I like walking into a colorful classroom. Let's hear from the kids about... Mr. Nally's Math Class Allows students to memorize their multiplication facts in a fun and engaging way such as Multiplication Twister! Projector Used in conjunction with the Smartboard and provides focused attention and dynamic class instruction. Enables students to actively participate, demonstrate solutions, and feel included in the lesson. Each student will be exposed to onilne instruction by means of personal laptops. The Intel Classmate is
easy to use
equipped with educational software+utilities Light blue walls=calm, inviting tone.
I want my classroom to be a peaceful environment where teaching becomes serene. Numbered Cubby holes
with alternating themes. Large windows +plants = lively atmosphere. Semi-circular quad desk Perfect for collaborative learning. Forming groups is no hassle! It also serves as a nice intro to percents, fractions, and pie charts. Group Semi-circle quad Pair Wall Color To Learning made fun and easy!
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