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Josie's Pizza - Client Presentation

ABT Final Project

Bashaar Zainal

on 11 December 2016

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Transcript of Josie's Pizza - Client Presentation

View Orders
Direct Calls
Text Messaging
Image Sharing
Video Sharing

Text Messaging
Image Sharing
Video Sharing
Customer Order Tracking

Integration Costs
For the survey,
online and paper surveys were collected between April 5th and April 30th using Qualtrics software.
Josie's Target Market

Customer Expectations

Ordering habits based on age, gender and income

Would this technology increase orders?

Would our technology improve the customers experience

Used skip logic on Qualtrics to assure only qualified customers answered.

Survey data showed a
positive correlation
between technology implementation and order volume.
Pizza and Wings
Executive Summary
Started in 1992
Sells pizza, wings, pasta, sandwiches, subs, salads and deserts.

Full service restaurant

Dine in and delivery

This presentation will include the diagnosis and solution to a common problem facing Josie’s Pizza and Wings

Delivery Efficiency
How do you normally order? Carryout or Delivery?

How many times per month do you order from Josie's Pizza?

1 to 3
If an application existed that provided the ability to locate delivery drivers and communicate directly, I would order delivery more often.

Survey Methodology
SWOT Analysis
Quick Service

High Quality Food

Low Cost

Healthy Alternatives

Loyal Customer Base

Brand Recognition

Great Atmosphere
One Location

Limited Healthy Menu

Outdated Delivery

Drivers Unmotivated

Long Delivery Times
Diverse Menu

Liquor License

Delivery, Takeout, Dine-In

Location Relatives To
Households Income 100k

Delivery App Connecting
Customer and Driver

Competition: Franchised
& Chain Restaurants

Cost Of Raw Ingredients

Pizza Restaurants More
Technology Savvy
Threat of New Entrants
Rivalry Amongst
Existing Firms
Determinants of Supplier Power
Determinants of Buying Power
Threat of Substitute Products
Current Products Efficiency Loss
Money Wasted on Current System:

Per Delivery

Application Cost:

Yearly Household Value:

If They Order Just Once More:

Household Lifetime Value:

Invasion of Privacy For Drivers
Some drivers may be concerned with the 86 Borders Application tracking.

Power Of The Consumer Can Backfire
Giving more knowledge to the consumer can have a negative effect if the driver is unmotivated and unwilling.

Text Messaging While Driving
This can have a negative effect in the delivery process.

Volume of Output

Timely Delivery

Low barriers to entry

Threat of new entrants is low

Failure common in first two years

Low success rate due to saturation
Healthy substitutes

Quality of food

Household income ($100,000>)

Convenience of technology

Delivery service

13 substitute pizza restaurants

79 restaurants of varying cuisine

Chain/ franchised restaurants

Major shift in healthy eating

Cost of Inputs

Menu Price

Diverse Menu
Porter's Five Forces

NAICS: 72211b
NAICS: 72211b
NAICS: 72211b
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