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Information on Batman

Stuff about Batman

Robert Lindholm

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Information on Batman

Origin of the Batman As a little boy, Bruce Wayne is horrified and traumatized to see his parents, the physician Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, being murdered by a mugger in front of his very eyes. This drives him to fight crime in Gotham City as Batman. How it All Began Batman was originally created by Bob Kane in 1939. He was created because of the success of Superman. When he was originally thought up by the creator, he had a red costume and wings, many changes were made since the early drawing board stage. Batman! 10 facts and bits about Batman. There have been many cartoon that
have featured the Batman. Such as the Batman animated series, Batman Brave and the Bold, The Batman, and a few other TV shows. Television Batman Villains There has been many different and strange villains in Batman's history. Some more serious and powerful than others. Bane Kite man Joker Different animated looks Different Batman Movies Batman 1989 Batman Forever 1995 Batman Returns 1992 The Dark Knight 2008 Batman Begins 2005 Batman and Robin 1997 The Dark Knight Rises
2012 Hush Scarecrow Crazy Quilt Different Realities and Times Batman Beyond (future) Pirate Batman (past) Owlman (Earth 2) Wild West Batman (past) Knightfall Batman (while Bruce Wayne is recovering from his broken back) Allies Robin Superman Nightwing Batgirl Huntress Spoiler Catwoman Batman needs help at times and gets it mostly from these characters Video Games 2011 Arkham City 2009 Arkham Asylum 2008 Lego Batman 2003 Batman Rise of Sin Tzu 2012 Lego Batman 2 There have been a lot, but these are some good ones.
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