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Le Chateau da Chambord

Church in France

Kasey Beck

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Le Chateau da Chambord

Le Chateau de Chambord The original design of the Château de Chambord is still a topic that remains debatable today, but there is known influence of Leonardo de Vinci and close tie to some of the projects by Domenico da Cartona , and Italian architect.. The purpose of the Chambord castle was to be a retreat for French kings, especially Louis XIV. François Pombriant was ordered to begin construction of Château Chambord on September 6th 1519. It was completed in 1547. 1800 men worked on the chateau. After Francis death in 1574 the castle was practically unused for about fifty years. The making The structure, containing 440 rooms, 365 fireplace, 13 great staircases, and stables to accommodate 1200 horses, stands in a park surrounded by a wall of 22 miles in circumference. Chateau of Chambord in one of the loveliest french Renaissance buildings in the Valley of the Loire. It is very recomgnizable because of its distinct architectual features. "Apartments" Where the kings stayed The park surrounding the castle provided wonderful hunting grounds. There were 300 falcons at Chambord. The numerous royal hunting dogs were the object of constant care. For breeding, they had the best dogs in all of Europe brought to Chambord. The kings, trained from childhood, were passionate hunters. (http://www.37-online.net/gb/castles/chambord_gb.php) After having passed through other hands, the chateau risked being demolished after the Revolution and in 1793 the furnishings were dispersed. In 1947 the State began restorations which were continued for 30 years. Today, Chambord is a major tourist attraction. The Chambord castle is somewhsat similar to our Bilmore House. FACT: The Chateau de Chambord was the inspiration for the Beast's castle in the 1991 Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. The wall around the castle grounds is a whooping twenty miles long. This castle also contains beautiful art work within the ceilings that is often admired today The End
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