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Faith Jurasinski Call it Courage Prezi

No description

Faith Jurasinski

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Faith Jurasinski Call it Courage Prezi

Mafatu has decided to leave Hikueru and show that he can be brave. He wants to defeat Moana the Sea God. So, Mafatu paddles out to sea in the middle of the night, with his only companions a yellow lab, Uri, and an albatross, Kivi. Mafatu finds water and drinks frantically. Exausted from the rough time at sea, Mafatu passes out on the beach. Mafatu found shore and used all the energy he had left to swim towards it. Once he reaches shore, he searches for water. When Mafatu arrives at his shelter, he decides to start to build a canoe. He starts to burn a tree from the trunk up to the top. He now has a base of the canoe. He builds the mast and the rest of the canoe within 2 days. Presented By: Faith Jurasinski "Call it Courage"
By: Armstrong Sperry Stranded in the middle of the sea, Mafatu feels a storm coming. The waves began to rise and fall harshly upon his canoe. The canoe capsizes, and the drinking nuts, knife, and food he had brought fell overboard. He swims out to the reef with Uri and searches for shore. Mafatu awakens from his sleep and climbs up the peak. On the the peak, he sees a nearby island with smoke rising. He wonders if this is the home of the eaters of men. He then searches for any other type of animal or human on the island. While searching, he finds a wild boar resting, a human-made path and fresh cut bannana trees all laying near a volcano. He decides to have some fun and slide down it. He decides to celebrate with a feast of bread fruit and plantains. Mafatu is proud and falls asleep happily. In the morning Mafatu goes hunting for the wild boar. He finds it exactly where it had been sleeping before. Mafatu kills the boar and drags it back to his shelter. Now he decides to build shelter by using the "woman skills" he had learned in Hikureru. He makes fire. Before Mafatu can head out to sea with his canoe, he decides to check the ancient idol again. On his way there, he notices smoke rising on the other nearby island. Mafatu sails out to sea with Uri in the canoe and looks for food. He finds his lobster trap has been ruined. He looks for culprut. Mafatu finds the hammerhead cirling his canoe. Uri jumps out of the boat. Mafatu kills the hammerhead and saves Uri. Mafatu is happy to know that he saved his dog. Mafatu decides he will sail back to Hikueru. He heres the sound of drums. Mafatu knows they are the eaters of men. Uri on his heels, Mafatu sprints to his canoe. The sounds of the eaters of men's drum grows louder. The tribes see Mafatu and run after him. Mafatu slides down his volcano path and runs as fast as he can towards the canoe. He drags it out to sea and hops in the canoe with Uri at his side. Mafatu paddles quickly off the shore and lets the wind carry him swiftly accross the seas. He looks behind himself, only to see the eaters of men paddleing closley behind. He notices the wind has calmed down leaving him only with weak arms and a paddle. Mafatu lets out a harsh cry to Moana the Sea God. The wind picks up again. Moana has answered. Mafatu hugs his dog closley and looks behind. He sees the eaters of men are gone and Mafatu is alone again. He searches for any near islands that could possibly be Hikureau. He sees the island out of the corner of his eye and paddles to shore. Mafatu sees his father waiting for him. Mafatu has shown courage by returning home. He wears his boar tusk necklace proudly, while he hold the spear from the ancient idol. Mafatu is no longer afraid of the sea. He has defeated Moana the Sea God. The sea is now one of his elements and his father is proud. Mafatu sees a whale skeleton hanging and drags back to his shelter. He decides the whale skeleton could be made into weapons. Mafatu decides to explore and he finds the ancient Idol holding a spear head. He quickly runs for the spear and snatches it. This brings Mafatu a rush a courage and confidence. Mafatu carves the bones and makes knives. The remaining bones are left for Uri to knaw on.
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