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Immigration To The United States (1865-1900)

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Ahmed Hassan

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Immigration To The United States (1865-1900)

Immigration To The United States (1855-1900)

- and many
Our Objectives:

Sources Of Immigration to the US (1865-1900)
American Reaction Towards Immigration
Impact Of Immigration
Causes Of Immigration
Annual Immigration (1865-1900)
"Old and New Immigration"
People believe that immigration to US is the best option for a lifetime opportunity like free education,land and safety. People who don't have money get government support
Immigration to the United States

Sent most of the early immigrants to the United States during the 1880s
Later given, under the quota system favored status, as more of them were allowed due to the belief that admitting them would help the nations homogeneity.
Majority of the immigrants came from Ireland and Germany
American Reaction Towards Immigration
The impact that Immigration had on the us Army
War was a big impact on the US because the numbers of soldier they had and their skills, soon the majority of them became immigrate
Old and New Immigration (1871-1920
With every year the new immigrate soldier became well known and respected by the people and the other soldiers, some of them had the high ranks and good education. The immigrants where resource full
During the late 19th Century and Early 20th Century, the sources of immigration to the United States shifted from Northern Europe and Western Europe to Southern and Eastern Europe.
Many native born denizens are trepidations about their (and their children’s) future.
The news media often cite examples of industries that seek out low cost immigrant workers to supersede native born workers.
Immigrants out did native born in low paying jobs us well as advanced jobs.
Annual Immigration (1865-1900)
Their were many different domestic events in the United States that attracted and repelled many immigrants from various regions.
Ellis Island:
Slavic Countries:
Sources Of Immigration To The United Sates (1865-1900)
Southern Europe:
Northwestern Europe( Germany and Ireland)
Slavic Countries(Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia & etc.
Southern Europe (Italy)
Northwestern Europe:
Impact Of Immigration:

Causes Of Immigration:
By: Ahmed Hassan,Mohamed Barre,MAX and AB
Ellis Island in 1905
Opened on December /17 /1900
It was the "door" for a large number of immigrants to the United States from 1892 to 1952
It was the country's busiest immigration investigation station from 1892 to 1954.
Ellis Island Hospital
Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1902
19th Century Immigration To The United States Opinion Paragraph
To what extent did immigration during the second half of the nineteenth century impact the United State's economy and its culture.

The population of the "Old World" was dramitacly increasing.
Poor economy
Religious persecution
Corrupted Governments

Brought innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the U.S. economy
United States was becoming more diversed in religion and race
Decreased job oppurtinites to US born individuals
Increased the population
More demands
Language Barriers
Cheap Labour became more abundant
Majority of the immigrants originited from Italy
4 million Italian immigrants arrived to the United States between 1880-1920

Majority of the immigrants were Russians
Jews in Russia were being persecuted
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