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Book Report: So B. It

No description

Katelyn Schreiber

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: So B. It

By: Katelyn Schreiber By: Sarah Weeks Author- So B. It Genre- Setting- The setting of the book is in the present and in an apartment, Reno,Nevada, Time square bus stop, and New York. Characters- Plot/Summary- Mama only knows 23 words. Heidi knew this because she made a list of the things her Mama said. Most of the words she said were normal but there was one word she would hear her mother say: soof. Heidi lives a hard life with her disabled mother and their neighbor Bernadette. But when her mother's word begins to make her very curious Heidi starts looking for the reason why she says it. And later wound up in New York figuring out her past. Conflict- Internal - When Heidi has to decide whether or not she should leave home to find out about her past and her mother's past.

External - When Heidi argues with Bernadette to try to prove she's mature enough to go to New york on her own. Theme- The theme is no matter what people tell you stay determined and go on. So B. It Personal Reaction- I recommend this book for kids who are in about 6th-8th grade and would like a heart- touching story about a girls determination to help her mother. Recommendation- The End Sarah Weeks was born March 18, 1955 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and she has been writing children's books and songs for twenty years. She graduated from Hampshire College and NYU. The first novel she wrote was So B. It, and it got put on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list .She has also written over thirty picture books like, Mrs. McNosh Hangs up Her Wash, If I Were a Lion, Crocodile Smile, Follow the Moon, and Who's Under that Hat. She also writes pop-up books and board books for younger kids who read. Sarah is a singer and a songwriter. And some of her books have songs that she wrote. The genre of the book is realistic fiction Heidi-Is important because her mom has a disability and she always says the word " soof" so she tries to figure out what it means.

Bernadette- Is important because she is Heidi's neighbor and she helps her because her mom can't take care of heidi.

Mama- Is important because she says this mysterious word "soof " which sends heidi all the way to New York to figure it out. One thing I liked about the book was how Bernadette helped Heidi when mama couldn't take care of her. Another thing I liked was how Heidi was really lucky and she could win any slot game she played.

One thing I didn't like was when Heidi got stuck in the middle of a storm while waiting for the bus. Another thing I didn't like was when mama died.
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