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Emma Charcter/Setting/Plot?


Quinn Schaffer

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Emma Charcter/Setting/Plot?

Harriet Jane Bates Mr. Elton Mrs. Elton Love Mrs. Bates Family Characters (with decent purpose) and Social Ladder Emma


The protagonist of the novel. In the well-known first sentence of the novel, the narrator describes Emma as “handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition.” Because her mother is dead and her older sister married, she is already in charge of her father/family. She cares for her father and oversees the social goings-on in the village of Highbury. Emma’s misplaced confidence in her abilities as a matchmaker and her prudish fear of love set the central focus of the novel, which traces Emma’s mistakes and growing self-understanding. Isabella:

Emma’s older sister, who lives in London with her husband, Mr. John Knightley, and their five children. Isabella is pretty, amiable, and completely devoted to her family, but slow and diffident compared to Emma. Her domesticity provides a contrast to the independent celibacy Emma imagines for herself. Isabella is much like her father, full of fears. Mr. WoodHouse:

Emma’s father and the patriarch of Hartfield, the Woodhouse estate. Though Mr. Woodhouse is nervous, frail, and prone to hypochondria, he is also known for his friendliness and his attachment to his daughter. He is very resistant to change, to the point that he is unhappy to see his daughters or Emma’s governess marry. In this sense, he impedes Emma’s growth and acceptance of her adult destiny. He is often foolish and clearly not Emma’s intellectual equal, but she comforts and entertains him with insight and affection. Frank Churchill:
Mr. Weston’s son and Mrs. Weston’s stepson. Frank Churchill lives at Enscombe with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Churchill. He is considered a potential suitor for Emma, but she learns that though Frank is attractive, charming, and clever, he is also irresponsible, deceitful, rash, and ultimately unsuited to her.

Mr. Elton:

The village vicar, a handsome and agreeable man, considered a welcome addition to any social gathering. When he reveals his indifference to Harriet and his desire to marry Emma he comes to seem proud, and conceited. Mrs. Elton:

Formerly Augusta Hawkins, Mrs. Elton meets Mr. Elton in Bath. She is somewhat attractive and accomplished; she has some fortune, but her vanity, and vulgar overfamiliarity offset her admirable qualities. Jane:

Miss Bates’s niece, whose arrival in Highbury irritates Emma. Jane rivals Emma in accomplishment and beauty; she possesses a kind heart and a reserved temperament. Since Jane lacks Emma’s fortune, she must consider employment as a governess. Mr. Martain

A twenty-four-year-old farmer. Mr. Martin is good-hearted, though he lacks the needs of a gentleman. He lives at Abbey-Mill Farm, a property owned by Knightley, with his mother and sisters. Harriet:

A pretty but unremarkable seventeen-year-old woman of uncertain parentage, who lives at the local boarding school. Harriet becomes Emma’s protégé and the object of her matchmaking schemes. Miss Bates:
Friend of Mr. Woodhouse and aunt of Jane Fairfax, Miss Bates is a middle-aged spinster without beauty or cleverness but with universal goodwill and a gentle temperament. Emma’s impatient treatment of her reveals the less attractive parts of Emma’s character. George Knightley:

George Knightley is Emma’s brother-in-law, and Mr. George Knightley’s brother. As a lawyer, John Knightley is clear-minded but somewhat sharp in temper, and Emma and her father are sometimes displeased with his sternness. John Knightley

John Knightley is Emma’s brother-in-law and the Woodhouses’ trusted friend and advisor. Knightley is a respected landowner in his late thirties. He lives at Donwell Abbey and leases property to the Martins. Knightley is the only character who is openly critical of Emma, pointing out her flaws and weakness with honesty. In this respect, he acts as a stand-in for Austen’s and the reader’s judgments of Emma Love Mrs. Weston Mr. Weston Frank Churchill Family Family Mr.Martin Family Miss Bates Emma Family Family Mr. Woodhouse Family Family George Knightley John Knightley Isabella Love Mrs. Weston/Taylor

Formerly Miss Taylor, Emma’s beloved governess and companion. Known for her kind temperament and her devotion to Emma, Mrs. Weston lives at Randalls with her husband, Frank Churchill’s father Mr. Weston

The widower and proprietor of Randalls, who has just married Miss Taylor when the novel begins. Mr. Weston has a son, Frank, from his first marriage to Miss Churchill (Frank was raised by Miss Churchill’s sister and brother-in-law). Mr. Weston is warm, sociable, and optimistic. Map of HighBury Hartfeild is home to the Woodhouses Downwell Abbey is home to the Knightleys Mrs. Bates - Mother to Miss Bates and friend of Mr. Woodhouse. An elderly woman, Mrs. Bates is quiet, amiable, and somewhat deaf. Knightley's Farm is home to the Martains Randalls is the home to the Westons Harriett lives with the Goddards near their/her school. Bates live on a small house on the Broadway Elton's live in the Elton Estate Map of HighBury CREATED BY: SCHAFFER 2 Rising Action Climax Falling Action Conclusion Crisis Initinating force Exposition Characters meet at Mr. Weston's wedding. Emma Matchmaking Her feeling of being the best. Emma matches Mr.Weston with Miss Taylor Emma tries to match Harriet with Elton Emma believes Elton like Harriet Elton doesn't act like he cares that Harriet is sick. Emma and Matchmaking Elton tries initate a relationship Emma Elton puts picture of Harriet on his wall Emma feels guilty Harriet feels slightly depressed Emma doesn't learn her lesson and continues to Matchmake Frank lives in Enscombe Mrs. Elton lives in Bath Jane Fairfax lives with the Coles Other characters don't live in Highbury. Churchills Family Themes and Symbols Themes Marriage and social status Long ago social status was determined by a combination of family background, reputation, and wealth—marriage was one of the main ways in which one could raise one’s social status. This method of social advancement was especially crucial to women, who were denied the possibility of improving their status through hard work or personal achievement. The relationship between marriage and social status creates hardship for other characters. Frank had to keep his engagement secret because he is of high class and she is not. Womens' Expectations. Women are expected to look pretty, to be happy, and to know trivia. Women are expected highly of. If they don't do these things, then no one thinks of them. They think of them as worthless if they don't do these things. Symbols Riddles These symbolizes the thing that the characters must decode for a larger meaning. The word game This symbolizes the understanding and misunderstanding of people. Emma's Rudeness Rising action Climax Falling Action Conclusion Crisis Initinating Force Emma's feeling of being the best. Emma is rude to many people Emma makes fun of Bates Emma makes small jokes of people Emma takes advantage of people Emma doesn't care for others Emma believes she is always right. Knightley excoriates Emma. Emma Cries and feels emotionaly Climax Rising Action Falling Action Conclusion Initinating Force Crisis Emma beleieves she doesn't love Frank Emma feels she likes Frank Frank Leaves Emma missed Frank Emma imagines herself marrying Frank Emma says true to her vow. Frank comes to Randalls Exposition Knightley says he's not good. She tries to get Harriet to marry Frank Emma starts to see Frank's true colors. Rising Action Climax Emma makes fun of Miss Bates. Falling Action Conclusion Knightley excoriates Emma Emma's Main Plot Emma Vs Frank
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