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All About Me-Monica

No description

Monica Sivayavirojna

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of All About Me-Monica

Mark Michiko Marcus My Pets My dad works as a computer enginer at Western Degital His Hobbies are:
~Games My Mom is going to start working as a japanese gel nail artist this summer Her Hobbies Are:
~nail designing
~cooking A 3rd grader who goes to Ladera Ranch Elementary School His Hobbies are:
~and play more games Gecky Baby Adopted from my friend Leopard Gecko Bought at Pet store My Family My School I go to Ladera Ranch Middle School My favorite subject is and My least favorite subject is My Future Where would I be?! 5 years About Me My Favorites 1.Draw 3. Playing Piano 4.Listen to music I like to... 5. Instagram 6.roller blade 7. Chocolate 8.Sushi and Pasta 9. Be with my Family 10.My Iphone 5 Best Memories 1. Waking Up in the morning (sometime) 2. Bad Grades 5.Being bored 4. Not being able to concentrate My fifth grade Graduation Going to Disney Land with the whole family girl boy Going to Las Vegas to go see the Vegas shoot for the first time Making new Friends Playing Piano at my first talent show 2. pink Green 3. To much Homework! 10 years 15 years Thats all about me! *Have a great last year in High School.
*Have a car that looks really cool. *Graduate from a university
* Be a level 1 or 2 archery coach
-Archery Coach
-Fashion Designer

-Manga/Comic Artist OR Having a Job as a: Monica Sivayavirojna My Family inclueds my:
2 pets Math social studie Science
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