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The Miller's Tale

No description

Shelby Gresch

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of The Miller's Tale

The Miller's Tale
Introducing the Miller
The Comedian
Miller: grinds grains into flour
Brawny, red-haired, brutish
Exceptional strenghth
"His mouth as greet was as a greet forneys"
Challenges social norms
A Juicy Tale
Literary Elements
Direct Characterization
Use of similes
Gives story-telling feel and educated voice to miller
Builds Miller's character as well as his characters
By Zach, Hailee, Rachel, Josey, and Shelby
The Power of Comedy
Meant to be humorous, unlike the other tales: "And eek men nat make ernest of a game"
Lightens the mood, yet provides insight on class and gender
Brings people together
Jester/joker archetype
Voice of Chaucer
Blatant and descriptive intoduction of characters
Contrast for emphasis as with Nick and Absolom
Iambic pentameter throughout
John and Nicholas- highlights wit
Miller's and Knight's Tales- highlights class distinctions
Tone of the Miller
Alisoun and Nicholas meeting
Foreshadowing of characters through prolouge
Miller telling about being inquitive
Tone-The Narrator's attitude toward the literary work
The Miller's tone- Straightforward, blunt
When Absalon kissed Alison's, er...
When Nicholas "assaulted" Alison
Why is tone used?
Make reader feel like they're right there
Adds personality to the Miller
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