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Mobile Health's impact for the future and why its disruptive

Best practices for mobile development in Healthcare with specific attention to the opportunity to bring scalability to healthcare communications strategy for cost reduction, and patient engagement.

blaine warkentine

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Health's impact for the future and why its disruptive

Mobile health impact on issues that are:
hard to explain
need frequent updating
longer-term outcomes
daily occurrences
need for tracking
round and round we go
then describe your "use case"
Precise use case
Business model
strategy around future
fig. 1
fig. 2
content is king
engagement requires awesome content
adjust your solution
tell me what to do, to help myself
Features and Design are important
Prototype early then iterate to solve usability
A few tips for mHealth:
"health anywhere"
Extremely Personal
Media rich
juggling "face-2-face"
it all yours
...What is Success?
top line growth
patient health literacy = cost savings
programming "mobile-2-mobile"
Blaine Warkentine MD MPH
outcome tracking
always Available
real-time information & decision making
keep it clean & use a kiosk

understand, improve, and track health
optimize your time with professional's
understand health risk & costs
go peer to peer
Brings Scalibility to HealthCare and bends the cost curve without the Pain
what pain are you solving?
communication 80% of Dr. time
fix the broken record
fix the complexity
bringing scalability to Healthcare communications
mobile health =
without content why bother
ME: Health opportunity architect, CEO, CEO of, Consultant, & venture partner
better customer satisfaction &
but we are looking to partner with you to help us keep the
save time & energy, with the right tools to instruct and make informed health decisions, yet coordinated, personal, & customized by trusted professionals, that
are appropriately notified, tracked, and rewarded, to bring about an evolution from face-2-face to mobile-2-mobile for anytime, anywhere health
big picture in focus
mHealth is the future
484 938 8104
more mobile phones on planet than people
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