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Copy of The Odyssey Background

Gives a brief background on Homer, The Odyssey, and literary terms

Kelly Maffeo

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Copy of The Odyssey Background




How would you characterize a
hero? List as many heroes as you
can think of from books, movies,
and real life.
Epic Heroes:
Excel in skill, strength, and courage
Succeed in war and in adventure
Value honor and glory
Usually have a guide
Battle demons and monsters
Are generous to followers but ruthless to enemies
Epic Heroes also..
Are men of action
Accept challenges and sometimes invite problems
Sometimes make rash decisions and take unnecessary risks
Meet monsters and temptations
Encounter women who tempt them
Descend into darkness—most often the underworld
And……………achieve their goals!
Wrote The Odyssey and
The Iliad.

The Iliad is about the 10 year Trojan War.

The Odyssey is about Odysseus's 10 year journey home from the
Trojan War.
Not this guy...
Odysseus came up with
the idea of the Trojan Horse
He's known for his
wisdom and bravery.
How the Trojan War Began:
Eris (goddess of chaos)throws out a golden apple: “For the fairest.”
Hera (goddess of __), Athena (goddess of __), and Aphrodite (goddess of __) fight for the apple.
The goddesses make promises to Paris:
Athena will make him wise.
Hera will give him power to rule the world.
Aphrodite promises him the love of the world’s most beautiful woman.
Paris chooses Aphrodite’s gift, kidnaps Helen, and takes her back to Troy, starting the Trojan War.
Problem?? She's married to King Menelaus!
The Greeks launch 1000 ships against Troy.
This is where the phrase "Her face could launch 1000 ships" comes from.
The war lasts ten years.
Troy is destroyed; Helen is returned to Greece.
Odysseus begins his journey home...but it doesn't go smoothly...
Invocation of the Muse
In media res
Homeric Similes
From the clip...
What do the Greeks seem to value?
What are your initial impressions of Odysseus?
prayer to the Muse
at the beginning of
an epic
In the middle
of things
Long similes
short, descript phrases
"blazing-eyed Athena"
Final Thoughts:
Are heroes perfect? Can heroes mess up and still be heroes? How much can they mess up?

Are all heros leaders? Are all leaders heros?
Do you know how the
Greeks won the Trojan
Some say Homer was blind.

He was a poet who lived around the 8th Century BC.
Greek Gods/Goddesses
Zeus--god of the sky and ruler of all gods
Poseidon--god of the sea
Hades--god of the Underworld
Athena--goddess of wisdom
and war
Helios--god of the sun
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