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Sponsorship Opportunites

No description

Mina Dimyan

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Sponsorship Opportunites

Launch Day
-Sponsorship Opportunities-
for Board Game Makers

Sponsor Our Launch Day
Your brand on all of our marketing material leading up to the launch

Your sign at our location on launch day

Company representative present on launch day
Cost: $10,000

Secure the Future - Sponsor Launch Day for Stamford and all future locations up to 20: $100,000
Designated Section
Have your Own Section for Customers to Buy Games

Your brand sign on top of the section

Your marketing material to hand to customers with purchase
$10,000 annually per location

Market Research
Test and Sell New Games
Your representatives at our location to test and sell new games and products

Get real-time data & feedback
Cost: $2,000 per event
(plus cost of food/ drinks)

Secure 50 Events - $50,000
(could be split between locations)
Secure the Future - Have your own section in all future locations up to 20: $100,000 annually
$2,000 per month per location
Website Link
Get a link on Our Website
Cost: $8,000 for 12
consecutive months
Tailored Options

We're open to
Different Partnerships
Call us to Discuss!
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