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MLA and Citation

What is MLA citation? How does it work?

Beth Jones

on 13 January 2012

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Transcript of MLA and Citation

What is it?
Modern Language Association
A group of scholars who got together and created standards* for academic writing. In 1951, William Riley Parker created the first MLA guide.
*how to format an academic work
*how to correctly and ethically show where information came from
*how to keep yourself out of trouble
*how to become part of a greater academic conversation
Why does it matter?
MLA standards can help to even the playing field for students and scholars
MLA can make sure we give credit where credit is due
It helps to establish your credibility
What are the parts?
MLA has specific rules in three areas:
Formatting, Works Cited (list of sources), and In-text Citation
Formatting: (margins, headers, heading, spacing, titles, font style and size)
Works Cited
(a listing of all works from which you’ve cited)
In-text Citations (sometimes called “parenthetical citations”) are how you attribute information in your writing to one of the sources on the Works Cited page
According to State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, among the cables published by the organization in November, there are communications detailing the locations of installations overseas that if lost “could critically impact the public health, economic security, and/or national and homeland security of the United States,” which Crowley says, “gives a group like Al-Qaeda a targeting list” (Lister 1).
Attribution provides background, context
Gives context, explanation
direct quote in quotation marks
in-text citation connects to the Works Cited
What do you know?
What does MLA stand for?
Modern Language Association
What are three reasons we should care about MLA?
It will keep us out of trouble. It will help us to be honest and ethical. It will help us to build credibility. It makes us look more professional.
What are the three parts of MLA?
Formatting the page, the Works Cited, in-text citation
Works Cited

Sodahead. "Jail". n.d. Sodahead.com. JPEG file.
Modern Language Association. Cover Art for
Every few years, MLA updates the guidelines and standards. The newest version is the 7th edition.
MLA Can be applied to many different formats: essays, PowerPoints and Prezis, Posters...anything!
Provides rules to help us avoid plagiarism--which undermines trust between teachers and students, integrity of schools and institutions, and LEARNING.
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