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Copy of David Elton, Mayor of Lethbridge (1935 - 1943)

plz like it wall be cool. and cumeing up is mincraft

kadun chater

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of David Elton, Mayor of Lethbridge (1935 - 1943)

located at 622 Stafford Drive North​
My Grandpa is also named David Elton
Marriage and Career
David Elton baseball park
On 3 April 1901, David married Nora Afton Houser in Salt Lake City. They had become acquainted in Tennessee and were blessed with five children over the course of their life together. In August 1901 the Eltons relocated to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and David began working as an editor for the Alberta Star, based in nearby Cardston. During the next two decades he also worked as a barrister and solicitor, labored on the Lethbridge City Council.
In 1935 he was elected to the post of mayor for Lethbridge, a position that he held for the next eight years. In addition to these professional, civic, and religious responsibilities, David enjoyed writing poetry; many of his poems were published after his death in the collection, The Writing of David Horton Elton, Q. C. In his eighty-first year, David Horton Elton died on 19 August 1963 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
By Kadun Chater, Great, Great! Grandson
March 12, 2014
About David Elton
Video Tour of Lethbridge
"David Horton Elton was born on 12 January 1877 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England, to John Elton and Isabel Amelia Horton. Four years later David's father died, leaving eleven children for Isabel to raise. David ... emigrated with his family to America aboard the ship Wisconsin. They arrived in New York City on 13 August 1890 and immediately journeyed to Utah, where they settled in Salt Lake City" (from BYU Mormon Missionary Diaries)

David Elton,
Mayor of Lethbridge (1935 - 1943)

"Dave Elton Park is a very well used out door complex located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Stafford Drive North. It was named after David Horton Elton who happened to be the mayor of the City of Lethbridge from 1935 to 1943. The Dave Elton Park is home to a number of baseball diamonds which are all fenced in and extremely well maintained. This park is very well used and is an important part of organized sports in our city. Directly across the street, also along Stafford Drive, is the Immanual Christian High School, which fits into this very mature, quiet community. The park is also home to the BMX track and also on site is the Lethbridge Skate Park for BMX and skateboard enthusiasts. It was built in 1999 as a multi-purpose skate park. It is an 1850 square meter play area of contoured concrete that features a bowl and concrete obstacles. Surrounded by trees and grass, it is a perfect area for family enjoyment." (Taken from http://mylethbridgerealty.com/lethbridge-neighbourhoods/north-lethbridge/dave-elton/)
David Elton Becomes Mayor of Lethbridge
i hop u like"t it
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