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Cynnydd Conference

Children's Commissioner for Wales

Sara Young

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cynnydd Conference

Keith Towler
Children's Commissioner for Wales YOUTH JUSTICE Current Situation - youth justice system that does not comply with UNCRC
system dominated by punitive approach
young people detained in secure settings in England, away from families, deprived of adequate mental health support and studying unfamiliar curriculum. In Wales: service takes pride in focusing on preventative work Children first, offenders second
(in line with Welsh Government's Seven Core Aims) Devolving youth justice significant decrease in number of children detained
allow service in Wales to conduct its holistic approach, compliant with UNCRC and in line with own refreshed strategy
allow the country's Children's Commissioner to safeguard the rights and welfare of all children and young people
Mental Health | Well-being in Wales 'Getting it Right': November 2009 Response to UN Committee's Concluding Observations
5 year rolling Action Plan
Key priorities and actions for Welsh Government No. 4: Reducing gap between policy & outcomes
No. 6: Supporting emotional wellbeing of children
No. 11: Work to eliminate bullying
Developments One Wales priority: providing for mental health
£6.9m committed to CAMHS (08-11)
£6.5m allocated to counselling in schools
Children's Unit, Abergele Welsh Government estimate:
40% young people have recognisable risk factors
30 - 40% may at some time experience mental health problems My Office Mental Health LCO | Measure
Responded to joint report by Wales Audit office and Health Inspectorate Wales
T: 01792 765600
E: commissioner@childcomwales.org.uk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/childcomwales
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