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Mexican-American War

No description

Hailey Kunath

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Mexican-American War

Mexican-American War
Fighting the War

General Zachary Taylor made slow progress gaining control of the northern provinces in Mexico .
John Freemont led American settlers to drive the Mexicans out of California and established the temporary "Bear Flag Republic."
With the help of the Navy, Winfield Scott captured Vera Cruz, then the capital, Mexico City, in 1847
Mexico Surrenders with the fall of their capital.
John Slidell Mission
Slidell sent to Mexico by President Polk to negotiate:
Mexican recognition of Rio Grande as Border
Forgiveness of claims by US citizens against Mexico
Purchase New Mexico for 5 million dollars
Purchase California for any price

With Mexican Government in turmoil, Slidell mission not received.

Polk decides on war
A) Slidell's mission failed, but America still wanted the land

B) War considered only alternative in acquiring such land

C) Polk sends General Zachary Taylor to the Rio Grande in hopes that it will provoke Mexico into declaring war
1. US already made war decision, all it needs is to pass Congress
2. Mexico attacks Taylor, Polk uses incident to sway Congress
Causes of the War
A.) Immediate cause was the U.S.
of Texas
in December of 1845
B.) Another cause was
American ambition,
as publicly stated by President Polk
D.) Mexico declined to negotiate with
John Slidell
and President Polk decided to take the lands by force
Boundary Dispute:
U.S. maintained the southern border of Texas was formed by the Rio Grande but Mexico argued the traditional boundary was at the Nueces river farther North
Slidell recommends to Polk strong action against Mexico
In 1836, American settlers and some Mexicans in Texas revolted against Mexican control of Texas. After declaring independence on March 2nd, 165 texans were defeated at the Alamo on March 6th by over 3000 Mexican soldiers.

The cry "Remember the Alamo!" provided moral boost and incentive to take vengeance for those fighting for Texas's independence.
The Peace
1) Causes: Manifest Destiny, Texas annexed by US

2) Polk provokes Mexico into starting war

3) "Remember the Alamo!"

4) Ended by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

5) Effects: Missouri Compromise, US gains lands to the west, Rio Grande decided as Mexico-Texas border
Remember the Alamo!

Loses 1/3 territory
California and New Mexico ceded to United States
Rio Grande official border
US pays 15 million for over 500,000 miles new land
US Pays all claims American Citizens had against Mexico
North and south now unbalanced in Congress
Disturbance leads to Missouri Compromise
United States
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the treaty that official ended the war.
The treaty was signed on February 2, 1848
Mexican Cession..
Gave independence to Texas
US terms of treaty were...
Mexican terms of the treaty were...
United States Citizens were not happy about the terms of the treaty

1846 - 1848
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