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Evidence and Evaluation at MCC - Final

OMB presentation for 09.12.2012

Chantale Wong

on 13 March 2016

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Transcript of Evidence and Evaluation at MCC - Final

Use of Evidence & Evaluation
at MCC

Evidence-Based Programming
20 third party indicators
Must score above median on Control of Corruption
Must score above threshold on Political Rights or Civil Liberties
Scorecards and Country Selection
Continuum of Results
MCC projects evaluated by highly credible external evaluators
Select from a wide range of evaluation approaches
Evaluate based on reaching expected results as well as income impact
Publish evaluation strategies, reports, and data online
Leadership in Evaluation Practices
Network of Networks on Impact Evaluation (NONIE)
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)
: Return to partner countries and conduct surveys to measure longer-term impact
Record actual results, good and bad
Share what we know and invite the best ideas from outside our organization
Incorporate learnings in future decision-making
A Culture of Learning
9+ billion in investments in 25 countries
most donors stop collecting data here
we try to get here
Investment Decisions
Identifies compact-eligible country's constraints to economic growth
Prerequisite to partnering with country
the country creates the ERR
we review and validate ERR estimates
we'll work with a country to identify and assess possible alternatives, modifications or complements to the proposed projects
Program Monitoring
each quarter
, each MCA submits a performance indicator tracking table (ITT)
we analyze and publish a subset of key performance indicators
and publish quarterly status reports
indicator tracking table (sample)
key performance indicators
quarterly status report
1. Constraints Analysis
Estimate expected increase in household incomes of each proposed project
Differentiates projects with significant returns
3. Benefit-Cost Analysis
4. Economic Rate of Return
5. Beneficiary Analysis
Assess how estimated income gains will be distributed across:

ERR and BA together inform project design decisions
MCC uses five tools to identify most cost effective, largest impact investment opportunities
Leadership in Evaluation Practices
2. Program Logic
Chantale Wong
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